Sunday, June 8, 2014

Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Readiness

We gave Honey Pot a choice to continue preschool during the summer or to stay home, and she has chosen to stay home. I am all for it, of course. Little M&M and I love having her around, and it will certainly be easier to plan our days without working around her 8:15 am - 12:15 pm schedule three days per week. However, this is a crucial age for education so I felt like I had to step up my tot school game.

After researching preschool curriculum and Kindergarten readiness checklists, I have devised a plan that suits our needs. I am not a professional educator, but this seems like a good list of what to work on and master over the next year and a half before Kindergarten begins. It will certainly add variety and new concepts to our units.

Match Rhyme Words, Make Up Rhymes
Syllable Counting
Practice Writing Letters, Shapes, Etc.
Read, Sing Songs and Tell Stories
Pen Pal Letter Writing
Cutting Practice
Speak Loud and Clear
Sequence Pictures to Tell Story
Learn Lowercase Letters
Match Upper/Lower Case Letters

Math and Cognitive Skills
Identify Colors, Shapes and Sizes
Grouping, Sequencing, Patterning and Graphing
Comparing (big/small, more/less, same/different)
Clocks and Calendars
Puzzles, Mazes, Dot-to-Dots
Recall Items Removed from a Group
Numbers and Counting
Memory Games
Understand Positions (Up/Under/Beside/Left)

Social Studies and Skills
Different Jobs/Community
Learn the Continents
United States
Other Cultures
Social Skills: Manners, Turn-taking, etc.
Reading a Map

Science, Health and Nature
Living and Non-Living Things
Data Collection, Record Keeping, Sorting
Nature Journal
Cooking and Nutrition
Seasons and Weather
Parts of the Body

Physical Development
Ride a Tricycle
Balance on One Foot
Hop on One Foot
Throw a Ball in Right Direction
Catches a Ball
Grasp Pencil Correctly
Make pancake, snake, ball from Playdough
Pretend Play

With these skills and concepts in mind, I have made a weekly learning schedule. Here is our week, but we are sometimes flexible, of course:


Math and Cognitive Skills

Social Studies
Social Skills


Science or Other

I hope my research can be helpful for others planning to homeschool their preschoolers. Thank you for stopping by!

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