Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Arctic


We borrowed these books from the library this week. We were trying to showcase a variety of arctic animals, and I think we were successful in finding these! Our favorites were A Splendid Friend, Indeed and Over in the Arctic.

Arctic Small World Sensory Bin

I finally bought the Safari Arctic Toob, after having it on my wishlist for many months. I am so glad that I did. My children, especially Honey Pot, loved this activity! I borrowed the idea to leave a hole for a pond from No Time for Flashcards, and it added so much to their imaginative play. I even tinted the water a little blue and threw in some fish from a different toy for the animals to eat.

We stuck this in the freezer and kept it for a couple of weeks. They brought this out day after day!

Race Across the Arctic - Gross Motor Game

I created a little game in Photoshop Elements to play. Each side of the die had a particular arctic animal on it, and some action to complete (i.e. crawl like a walrus and waddle like an emperor penguin). We each had a gem as a game piece and continued across the arctic till one of us reached the end. It was a fun game!

Could you use one? Right-click below:

Icicle Scissor Skills

This was a simple invitation I created, having been inspired by Sugar Aunts.

Water, Land and Air - Arctic Animal Sort

This idea came from Stay at Home Educator. It opened up great conversation about blubber vs. fur vs. feathers.

And speaking of blubber, we had done a blubber science experiment (using Crisco) a couple years ago that would also fit into this unit nicely. Take a look here to see that!