Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party

Honey Pot and Sweet E's birthdays are just a week apart. With family traveling in from out of town, we decided to have them share their themed party this year. Honey Pot first had some friends join her at a local skate park, then family followed us back home for this little celebration. Since unicorns are all the rage for young tweens, and Sweet E is obsessed with colors, this was the perfect shared theme for them!

I had nearly every color of streamers leftover from other parties, so I made a simple rainbow background on the mantle, with some clouds that I cut out of poster board for a banner. I also scored this sweet rainbow unicorn balloon on clearance at Michaels.

Here are the birthday girls in their matching dresses that I found at Target. And there was a simple welcome sign taped to the door, but I didn't take a close-up pic of it.

Unicorn headbands for all! Found on Amazon.

The Food
Coming from the skate park, we kept the food pretty simple. I made a few things in advance, and we just ordered pizza for dinner. But here is a rainbow fruit platter I arranged.

Some homemade chocolate cake pops, which were to die for!! Recipe from my go-to baking blog, Sally's Baking Addiction.

And I also made a unicorn cake (don't tell, but I totally cheated with a box mix).

And have a look inside!

And you can't have a rainbow party without Skittles:

The plates and napkins were in theme, and I made water bottle labels.

Not pictured, we also had pizza and chips with dip.

The Party Activities
First, we had our classic balloon pop. There were rainbow unicorns hidden in four of the balloons. There was a tack taped behind each balloon, so the kids only had to throw bean bags at them to pop them.

Here is Honey Pot, mid-game.

Rainbow lollipops for the winners!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
I don't have pictures, but we purchased this set on Amazon that matched our theme.

Pin The Horn on The Unicorn Party Game - Party Supplies for Kids Fun Rainbow Birthday (24 Stickers) - Buy as a Gift or Wall Decoration for Your Child

Rainbow Color Throw
We participated in a Color Run several years ago, and it was just a ton of fun. I had the idea that the kids needed to get colorful during this party. So we provided a white tee shirt from Michaels for each of the kids. And they ran around the backyard, as the adults shot color powder at them with squeeze bottles. The kids had SO MUCH FUN getting messy and colorful. It was a bit chaotic, and the adults ended up covered in powder too, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. And, with so much leftover powder, we can! 90% of the powder brushed off of our clothes easily before we walked inside.

After the bottles had been emptied, we gave each of the kids a handful of powder, so we could do a color throw picture. I think I'll frame it. 💗

Thanks for looking at our latest party! It was small, but special. 😊

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Learning about Circles!

This week Sweet E and I began learning about shapes. She is already familiar with basic shapes, thanks to some of her toys and books, but we had a lot of fun reviewing! We took most of our inspiration from Little M&M's circle week in tot school. Have a look!

Circle Prints
We love painting activities! I squirted some paint into small paper plates, and showed Sweet E how to use the cups to make circle prints on the paper. She seemed so curious about it!

She made lots of circle prints!


Then after we filled the paper, she looked at me as she slooowly reached her hand toward the plate. 😂 Finger-painting? Sure, I'll allow it!

She looooved this.

And was so fascinated by her hands, each time she dipped them into the paint!

Stacking Cheerios
Cheerios are a favorite snack around here. I stuck a broken spaghetti noodle into a clump of playdoh, and showed Sweet E how to stack the Cheerios onto it. She did a couple.

Then ate a couple. She was quite pleased with herself!

Here she is asking for one more.

Then as she munched, she stacked some more. Great fine motor activity!

Then she decided to pull them off.

And do it again!

Circle Stickers
Next I grabbed our circle stickers, and drew a circle onto paper. I added several dots around it for her to place the stickers onto.

She continued until each dot was covered!


Quick, easy activity!

Playdough + Circle Manipulatives
Next I pulled out some playdoh along with circle cookie cutters, beads, googly eyes and buttons.

She was excited to play! First we rolled out some dough.

And then we cut out circles in three sizes.

We talked about sizes, and I asked her which circle was the smallest, then the biggest.

Then we used our accessories to decorate them! I made the yellow face, then offered for her to create faces on the others.

I love the dimension in her faces' mouths. Such character!

Color Hop
The next day we went out to the driveway for a color hop! I drew large circles onto the driveway, and asked Sweet E to "Hop to the purple circle!" She was eager to hop!

We continued with the other colors!

And she had a blast!

"Where's the purple circle?"

I also asked her if she could draw a circle. She did great!

Of course, it kept going round and round, but the idea is there. 😂

And even when we moved on to riding bikes, exploring in the yard, etc. she still kept coming back to hop on the circles. What a great gross motor game!

Watercolors and Circles
And finally, I pulled out our new watercolors. We first used these for last week's spaghetti sensory bin, the grand finale of our color themes! I filled our old baby food containers (which get a lot more use during activities than it ever got for baby food!) with liquid watercolors and water. And I used this laminated circle sheet that I created for our creative table a couple years ago.

Sweet E used a dropper to fill the circles with watercolors.

This is a highly supervised activity, so it didn't leave much time for pictures lol. But she had fun with this for a few minutes. Then to extend the activity, I pulled out a piece of watercolor paper, and drew circles on it with a white crayon. She used a paintbrush to paint over it and reveal the circles!

She really enjoyed this!

Here it is once it dried: 

She still wanted to continue painting, so I pulled out some paper towels next. They looked so pretty all covered in colors!