Friday, March 9, 2012

New Baby

Theme Of The Day: New Baby
Age: 22 months

Notes: We have been trying to prepare Honey Pot for the arrival of her baby brother for many months now. But I wanted to include it in our Tot School as well, especially now that I am full-term in my pregnancy. So here are the activities we did today!

Big Sister Book
I gave Honey Pot a new book this morning called I'm A Big Sister, by Joanna Cole.

Joanna Cole,Rosalinda Kightley's Share your own customer images Search inside this book I'm a Big Sister [Hardcover](2010)

She wanted me to read it to her right away! I love how simplistic the words are, as they are told in the first-person by the new big sister. It explains that babies like to drink milk and sleep a lot, and reasons why they cry. It also says that they can't yet play with toys or eat pizza. The language is perfect in helping Honey Pot understand what her baby brother will be like. As soon as I finished reading it, she asked me to read it again. We read it FIVE consecutive times this morning, as well as a few more times throughout the day. She loves her new book, and I highly recommend it.

Photo Album
As described in the book above, I pulled out a photo album full of pictures of Honey Pot as a baby. At first she thought it was her baby cousin, but I was able to convince her that it was actually her, and that she was a little baby once too.

There are a couple of toys in the pictures that she still plays with, such as the O'Ball. She ran right to her room to get it.

Changing A Diaper
A week ago, we purchased a baby doll for Honey Pot - her first one! She fell in love with it immediately and has been taking care of her ever since, even sleeping with her at night. So we practiced giving the baby a "dipey change" a few times. She even ran to her room to get the wipes and baby powder!

Being Gentle
I told honey Pot that she needs to always be gentle with the baby, so we practiced how to do that.

Reasons Babies Cry
We discussed a few reasons why the baby might cry. Then any time Honey Pot had her baby go "wah, wah" I would ask her what she thought was the matter, or what we could do to make the baby happy. Her first answer was so sweet. She gave the baby a kiss.

The next time the baby cried, we decided that the baby was hungry and wanted some milk.

Later, she wanted to be rocked. So Honey Pot held her, sang her the ABC song and then set her down in the baby swing. She even made sure the buckle was on so that her baby was safe and snug.

A Present For Baby
We ended the day by decorating a onesie for her baby brother. I told her that she could color an outfit for Little M&M, and she was so excited. I hadn't planned this in advance, and so I did not have special fabric markers or appliques to use. But I read online that you can use permanant markers as well. So that is what we did...very carefully!

Honey Pot was so proud of the outfit she made for her baby brother. I told her that Little M&M would be so happy to wear it when he arrives, and that it would show him how much she loves him.

After ironing the onesie to allow the colors to set, it is now ready for Little M&M to wear!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shape: Arrow

Theme Of The Day: Arrows
Age: 22 months

Which Way?
I created these in Photoshop Elements as a way to introduce our shape today. I told Honey Pot what the shape was called, and explained how it is pointing in a certain direction. Then I said, "If I want to find the dolphin, I would go this way," and then point to the right. It seemed like a difficult concept for her to grasp. So I decided to use these arrows another way!

Follow The Arrow
I cut out the arrows from the worksheet above. As I was doing so, Honey Pot went looking for her scissors too. I provided her with the scraps to "clip, clip" while I set up the game. She loves her Minnie and Mickey Mouse. So I set the arrows up on the floor and told her to have Minnie follow the arrows! I demonstrated with Mickey first.

She did so well with this! We changed the direction of the arrows a few times, to help enforce the idea that they are pointing which way to go. (Sorry for the last blurry pic - but Minnie Mouse was in a hurry to "fah-woh" the "ah-woh" that time!)

Tracing The Path
We have never used our dry erase markers on the window before. I knew Honey Pot would really enjoy it, so I incorporated it into today's theme. I first drew some arrows onto the window, and then asked her to take the other marker and draw along the path. She started off really well!

Then she just went a little color-happy from there!

And the eraser was a lot of fun too!

Trying to return to the theme at hand, I drew an arrow and asked, "Is the arrow pointing up or down?" She answered correctly, then went about drawing again. Not sure if it was just a lucky guess or not. We'll have to return to it again sometime!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letter: G

Theme Of The Day: The Letter G
Age: 22 months

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics and Which Is G?
I love introducing our letter this way. First I pulled her toy off of the fridge, and set it up on our tray. I placed the "G" inside so Honey Pot could see it and hear what it sounded like.

Then I created groups of three letters, and asked her to identify the "G" among them. She did really well with this!

Even the baby doll helped point to the "G" for us!

Play-Dough G
We continued the theme of the day with Honey Pot's homemade play-dough. First she helped me roll it out.

I pulled out the "G" cookie cutter, and asked her what letter it was. Success - she remembered! Then she pushed the cookie cutter down with all of her might!

We played with the "G" and the rest of her play-dough for a good long while after that.

G Is For Giraffe
I came across this fun idea at a blog called The Blessed Country Mom. First I traced the letter "G" onto yellow paper, as well as a giraffe head template that I found online. (There was no way I could have free-handed it!) Then I cut out some giraffe spots from orange paper. Another glue craft - Honey Pot was so excited to try it.

I placed the "G" flashcard (from a set I made for her wall) as well as her stuffed animal onto the craft table for inspiration.

She placed the two googly eyes onto the face.

Then she dabbed a bit of glue onto the "G" and placed a spot onto it!

Going glue crazy...

And finally, with a bit of prompting, she finished placing the spots onto the giraffe's body.

The final product!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Colors: Black and White

Theme Of The Day: The Colors Black and White
Age: 22 months

Notes: Little M&M is due to arrive in three weeks, and so our tot school activities will gradually become fewer. Just three things today, but Honey Pot really enjoyed each one. And I think they were very successful in showing her the difference between these two colors, as she had been getting them confused!

Bah Bah Black/White Sheep

This is a classic nursery rhyme that we have read many times in Honey Pot's Mother Goose book. I think it was nice for her to hear it in song, as she sang it all day long afterward. I printed this clip art from the Internet, matted them to cardstock and then glued a craft stick onto each one. As I held up the black sheep, I sang:

Bah, Bah, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Three bags full.

One for my master,
One for my dame,
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Bah, bah, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Three bags full.

Then I would hold up the white one and sing the same song, replacing the word "black" with "white." Honey Pot loved hearing and singing along to the songs, as well as playing with the sheep as toys. So as we played, I tried to insert their color names into their dialogue. IE: "Hello, black sheep!"

Which Is Black/White?
I created these sets in Photoshop Elements. It is getting harder to think of images that I haven't yet used, but I managed! Honey Pot and I went over these a couple of times today, and each time she seemed to get the answer right more and more. I'm so pleased that she considers this more of a game than a quiz, because it definitely is effective in teaching her colors.

Sheep Craft
The idea and free printable for this craft came from All Kids Network. I asked Honey Pot if she wanted to do a craft. When she saw the glue, she grabbed it with a nod and hurried to her craft table. This girl loves glue! Without any instruction, she squeezed glue out onto the sheep's body.

Then I encouraged her to place the cotton balls onto the glue, and push them down.

We added the head, facial features and legs.

(See Daddy's hands! He had off work today, so he got to help!)

And here is the final product! Honey Pot was so proud of her artwork, as always! We pointed out which parts of the sheep were white, and which were black.

And for once when I asked her to pose for the picture, I got a not-so-cheesy smile out of her. Hooray!