Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss!

Theme Of The Day: Dr. Seuss
Age: 22 months

11 Books
Here are all of the Dr. Seuss books we currently own (minus The Grinch, which is put away with our Christmas decorations). I am happy to report that we read all of these books today, in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday! And there are still so many more I want to buy...

The Cat In The Hat
We made another paper plate hat today! The idea for this one came from a blog called I Can Teach My Child. I cut out the shape, and provided Honey Pot with a glue stick and strips of red paper. She initially placed the stripes vertically, but without enough glue. So I helped her dab the glue, and place the strips in the right spots. As soon as we finished, she wanted to "look in mirror" to see how it looked! Then we read the book, of course!

Ten Apples Up On Top
Honey Pot really enjoyed this activity, because she loves stickers! I created the worksheet myself in Photoshop Elements, complete with a picture of Honey Pot so she could stack the apples on top of her own head. A collector of stickers as a child, I happened to have a whole bunch of apple stickers for her to place into the numbered boxes. It was a nice review of the numbers 1-5, which we covered over the last few weeks. We ended this activity by reading the book.

Green Eggs and Ham
For lunch we ate green eggs and ham! I just added some green food coloring to the eggs before scrambling them, and gave her some ham roll-ups with it. I read her the book after I was done eating.

After her nap, we continued the theme by reviewing the shapes we had covered so far in a green egg game. This idea came from The Princess And The Tot. I created the worksheet in Photoshop Elements. She identified each shape, and placed them in their proper spots.

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
We tried our first Roll and Graph activity today, using a template from 2 Teaching Mommies. I did alter it slightly in Photoshop Elements, as well as create my own sound die. (I just inserted paper squares into each side of one of her photo blocks.) I decided to use this game as a review of the colors she's learned so far too. So I colored each side of the sound die a different color, and that was the color of the dot marker she would use on the graph.

First she rolled the die...

Then I would read the sound that landed face up, and ask her, "Who/What says ___?" She'd point to the picture that corresponds to the sound. I'd then ask her to find the appropriate color, and show her where to make a dot. You can probably tell which dots I made and which she made!

She seemed to enjoy this activity somewhat, but lost interest quickly. It may be a game better suited for older children, but I'm glad I introduced her to the concept anyway. And I had fun. :) We concluded the activity by reading the book.

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