Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shape: Rectangle

Theme Of The Day: Rectangle
Age: 21 months

Squares Vs. Rectangles
I created this page by tracing some of Honey Pot's Mega Blocks with markers. I wanted to show her the difference between squares and rectangles, since they may seem very similar to her. It started off very well, with her placing the blocks in the spaces they fit into...

Then we went a little off-course and starting building towers! It was definitely a fun activity.

Rectangle Cut and Paste
We had a lot of success with this activity last week for triangles, so I decided to do it again today. The free printable came from Kiz Club. First I took out my scissors to cut out the rectangle pieces. Honey Pot immediately ran to her closet to get her scissors too. So I provided her with the scraps, and let her "clip, clip" away!

Later, I opened the glue stick and explained to her what each of the images was meant to be. She dabbed the glue on, however minimally, and placed the rectangles where they belonged as best as she could. Again, I love how this craft allows her to see real life examples of the shapes. She recognized many of these!

I think she did quite well!

Short day today, as it was a lazy snow day for us. And we will also be taking tomorrow "off" for the first time since beginning Tot School. I've been unable to get out for the past couple of days, and so I have many errands to catch up on! Looking forward to a fun-filled Dr. Seuss Day on Friday though! Stay tuned!

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