Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shape: Star

Theme of the Day: Star
Age: 21 months

Star Sandwich
I cut Honey Pot's sandwich into a star to kick off today's theme. She just loved the surprise!

Sticker Fun
I searched everywhere for those star stickers that teachers often use, but could not find them! So I found this similar pack for a great price at Wal-Mart instead. I asked Honey Pot to draw a moon. After scribbling with the white crayon for a moment, she gave it to me and insisted that I do it. Then I helped her peel off the stickers, and she created the night sky.

"Star on cheek!"

And of course the barn animals needed stars on their cheeks too!

Then Honey Pot stole my camera and took this picture of herself...among other blurry photos of her fingers and the floor.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
This is a classic song, and perhaps Honey Pot's favorite! I had intended on singing "Twinkle High" with Honey Pot, and snapping pictures of her doing the motions to the song. But unfortunately at this particular moment, she wanted to pretend it was nap-time, as we always sing it before her naps and bedtimes. Oh well!

Making Bracelets
I found these star-shaped beads at Wal-Mart and decided they would be a nice activity for us to do today. I used pipe cleaners instead of string, so it wouldn't flop around while she was trying to put the beads on. After starting my bracelet, she quickly wanted to try her own. I think they came out quite nice!

Star Sponge
I had originally planned on ending the day with a different activity that uses this sponge. But I've noticed that I gravitate toward crafts a little too much, and need to branch out. So I grabbed a spray bottle, filled it with water and let Honey Pot clean, clean, clean! She identified the shape of the sponge, and then taught herself how to spray the water from the bottle. She loved it. Water everywhere. But it kept her occupied almost the entire time I was cooking dinner. I'd call that a success!

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