Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shape: Square

Theme Of The Day: Square
Age: 21 months

Square Road
I had done this activity with the letter "C" too, and it was pretty well received. The printables are found on Making Learning Fun. Again, Honey Pot decided to have her toys walk all over the road, instead of driving cars on it. It helps her feel the shape of the square, and hopefully be able to recognize it. I'll keep using these for sure.

Which Is A Square?
I made these in Photoshop Elements. Then I asked Honey Pot to point out which in each group was the square. Today's shape is one that she didn't previously know too well, so I was particularly eager to do this activity. After I pointed out the first square, she was able to show me the others. We returned to it throughout the day for reinforcement. We'll see if it stuck!

Size Sequencing
I created this activity in Photoshop Elements, and cut out the square pieces with paper from my scrapbooking stash. (I love that.) I asked Honey Pot to show me which square was the smallest, and which was the biggest. After identifying those, we placed them in size order. She did really well, and asked for more. So we did it again!

Do-A-Dot Art
I made these squares in Photoshop Elements too, with little circles in them to imitate the popular Do-A-Dot art pages. We used the Bingo markers again. (Yes, I have ordered the washable Do-A-Dots...they are probably waiting for me at the mail room right now!) Anyway, Honey Pot enjoyed this activity. It's always a fun one to throw into the mix, when I am short for ideas.

"Dot, dot, dot!"

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