Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Theme of the day: Valentine's Day
Age: 21 months

Paper Plate Hats
What a fun craft to start the day with! I found the inspiration here, and I am so excited to try some of the other holiday cut-outs too. After cutting out the heart, I gave Honey Pot some markers to decorate her hat with. I even cut one out for myself! We wore them periodically throughout the day, and she loves them!

Valentine's Day Bingo
I found this idea on Pinterest, originally from here. Although it had a free printable, I decided to make my own version in Photoshop Elements with images Honey Pot might enjoy more. This was her first introduction to the game of Bingo; and although she is a little young to fully understand the concept, she liked it anyway. I used the magnetic pom poms I made for her, and placed our game cards on a cookie sheet. I had her pull the call cards out of a bowl one at a time, and we placed the pom poms on our game cards. And...with a little help from me...she won!

Heart Search
I had come across the idea of giving children word searches, with words that have to do with the Valentine's Day. So I thought it would be a cute idea to let her search for shapes instead! I "hid" three hearts among a group of circles, and asked Honey Pot to find the hearts. She did so successfully and seemed to enjoy the challenge!

Baking Cookies
Honey Pot loves Mickey Mouse! I know these packaged cookies require no skill whatsoever, but they were cute. And Honey Pot really enjoyed helping me place them on the cookie sheets.

Heart Hunt
I found this fun activity here. I really enjoyed it because it emphasized love, rather than just hearts. Such a clever idea! Using scraps of paper, I cut out 15 hearts in Valentine's Day colors. Then I wrote the names of her closest family and friends on each. I hid them around the house, and Honey Pot went on a hunt for them with her bin. As she found each one, I read the names to her. "It says 'Grams' because Grams loves you!" Then she repeated their names and put them in her bin.

Sorting through the hearts she collected, and saying a person's name for each. "Uncle Jake!" she'd shout...even if it said Kailei. :)

Then Daddy dumped the bucket of hearts on her head!

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  1. Funny - I had just seen the heart hunt activity on the Activity Mom website last night. Love your activities for the day!

    1. Thank you! We loved the heart hunt! She kept asking for "more hearts" once we finished. Have you tried a hunt game with Joey?