Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shape: Triangle

Theme Of The Day: Triangle
Age: 21 months

Which Is A Triangle?
As always, Honey Pot enjoyed this activity. I created the sets of shapes in Photoshop Elements. After first pointing out to her what a triangle looks like, I asked her to point to the triangle in each sequence. She did very well with this.

Triangle Cut and Paste
I found this fun printable at Kiz Club. While I was cutting out the triangles for her, she ran to her craft bucket to get her scissors too. So I provided her with strips of scrap paper to practice her cutting skills. She is mastering the art of holding the scissors, which is a great start! She still just lacks the ability to squeeze them sufficiently to cut through the paper. When we were done setting up, I had Honey Pot identify the shapes for me. Then I showed her where to dab the glue to create the various images (ice cream cone, sailboat, etc.) and she positioned the triangles as best as she could. All in all a fun activity! And I like how it not only enforces the shape of a triangle, but true life examples too.

Paper Towel Art
We have done this activity before with much success, so I decided to do it again. I drew a few triangles onto a paper towel with washable markers. Then I supplied Honey Pot with a cup of water and a paintbrush. She enjoyed dipping the brush into the water and "painting" onto the paper towel. It was fun to watch the colors spread. And it was a nice way to help Honey Pot explore the shape of a triangle in a creative way.

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