Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Letter: D

Theme Of The Day: The Letter D
Age: 21 months

Magnetic Pom-Poms
I haven't used these in a while, and thought Honey Pot might have a renewed interest in them. She did for a short while, but didn't return to them throughout the day. I found this cute printable at Making Learning Fun. They are all over the Internet, so I had some choices. And how could I not choose the dalmatian?

Coloring Page
I don't often use coloring pages as a tot school activity, since her crayons and pages are always at her disposal. But I came across these fun animal alphabet pages, and decided to include it today. She loves to use her markers, which require my help and aren't always in her reach. So I pulled those out for added interest. She loves to just squiggle on the paper with them, then focus on putting their caps back on. As always, we had wipes handy for quick mid-craft clean-ups!

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics
I brought out Honey Pot's Fridge Phonics toy today with the letter D in it, to have her hear what it sounds like. Then I named a few familiar words that begin with the letter, which she repeated exactly as I had said them: "d-d-dog" and "d-d-daddy" for example.

Play-dough D
This is always a fun and successful activity on our alphabet days. Honey Pot even sometimes goes to the kitchen cabinet on other days, looking for the cookie cutter letters. She identified the letter correctly, chose a color of her homemade Kool-Aid play-dough to use, and immediately got to work. Then she wanted to do it with her other colors too, so we made a few "D" shapes, and turned it into a counting game too!

D Is For Dinosaur Craft
I found this idea at one of my go-to blogs, Totally Tots. I held up the body piece and asked Honey Pot what letter it was. Without hesitation, she called "D!" Next I told her she was going to make a dinosaur. That, combined with the fact that she was about to use glue, made her very excited! I guided her through the craft - explaining where she should dab the glue stick, and place the pieces. Her favorite was the googly eye! And she was so proud of her "arwork" as soon as it was finished - she immediately picked it up and walked out of the room calling for Dad.

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