Thursday, February 23, 2012

Number: 5

Theme Of The Day: The Number 5
Age: 21 months

Lauri Puzzle
I gave Honey Pot the next in her set of Lauri puzzles. She played with this for a good long while this morning, and it was a nice introduction to the number 5. We counted the houses multiple times, and she was able to identify the written number too.

Magnetic Pom Poms
It has been a while since we played with Honey Pot's magnetic pom poms, so I pulled them out again today. The printable came from Making Learning Fun, and ties in nicely with the next activity we did today!

Five Little Monkeys
This is a popular song and book that I thought would be fun to include in our activities today. I found a short video at Super Simple Songs for me to introduce the theme to Honey Pot. We watched it once through, then I pulled out a worksheet I made (using the printables at 1+1+1=1). Honey Pot jumped the little monkeys on the bed while we watched the video a second time. Afterward, we counted the monkeys and she placed them on the numbered spaces above the bed. I laminated these so they would withstand future use too!

High Five
I wanted to include this in today's number 5 unit, because it is something she does so often without understanding its name. I traced her hand-print (from our Left and Right unit) onto cardstock, cut it out and labeled the fingers 1-5. Then I glued a craft stick to it. After she pointed out that it was a hand, I asked her to count the fingers on the hand. We did this a couple times. Then we talked about how when we say "gimme five" we are asking for all five fingers. So she started high-fiving the hand. :)


  1. Hi there! Ia m so glad I found your site! I am just getting started with Tot school... on week 6! Loving every minute and blogs like your help me figure this whole this out, thanks!

    1. Oh, thank you so much for stopping by! And I appreciate you providing your link as well. I'm soon going to officially start my youngest on Tot School, and I am seeing lots of great ideas on your blog! You're so wonderfully organized. Happy Tot Schooling!