Monday, February 13, 2012

Color: Green

Theme of the Day: The Color Green
Age: 21 months

Which is Green? - Picture
This is the usual start to our theme of the day. I created the sets of images in Photoshop Elements. Today we did one of the colors that I wasn't sure that she knew. But she surprised me and correctly identified all of the green pictures without me first showing her what the color looks like. Then, as usual with this game, she asked for more!

Which Is Green? - Toys
We didn't do an official Color Walk today, but something very similar. We started by sifting through the food bin that goes with her play kitchen, looking for green foods. She pulled out a couple by herself; and with my help, we found all of the green foods that we could.

Then throughout the morning, as we played in her room and came across colorful toys, I asked her, "Which of these is green?" She answered correctly every time! Here are the groups I was able to snap pictures of:

"Now look at this! What do you see? Spots as..." I read.
"GREEN!" she shouted.
" green could be!"

Pom Pom Sorting
We did this activity last week as well. She enjoyed it so much that I had to return to it with her new pair of plastic tongs. She was so good at handling the tongs, and loved them! ($1 for a pack of 4 at the Dollar store!) This time the activity required very little explanation. She sorted the yellow, green and blue pom poms perfectly! I am so proud of my little sweet pea!

Mess-Free Finger-Painting
Ah, thank you, Pinterest, for leading me to this fun craft! We haven't had any major messes...yet...but it was so nice to have the paint contained in a bag. And it provided a whole different level of fun than regular finger-painting. I squeezed a small bit of yellow and blue paint into a Ziploc, sealed it up, and taped it to the table. Then Honey Pot began squishing her fingers into it!

She said she was drawing an "A"...but the one you see here is mine. Her's was just a squiggle...

Then Honey Pot moved the paint around with her fingers, eventually mixing it together to make our color of the day: green!

Of course the piggy and the big bad wolf (who are actually great friends, regardless of what you've read in the story) had to spin in circles on the paint. "Whooooa, I dizzyyyy. Ow."

And then she drove her truck around on it too!

Green Gumball Punch Art
This was a fun craft to end the day! The idea and free printable came from here. I used a paper punch to cut out green circle "gumballs" for Honey Pot to glue onto the gumball machine. She correctly identified the color of the circles, and picked up the glue. I'm pretty sure she has never seen a gumball machine, but she got the hang of this really fast. I didn't have to place a single one for her; and for the most part, she kept the glue exactly where she was supposed to.

Green Bath
I have no photos of this, but we dropped one blue and two yellow fizzy tablets into Honey Pot's bath tonight for a bright green bath! She loves these!

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