Monday, February 20, 2012

Color: Purple

Theme of the Day: The Color Purple
Age: 21 months

Which is Purple?
I created these in Photoshop Elements as usual. I try to use a wide variety of pictures each week of things Honey Pot is familiar with. The images printed the purple a little darker than I would have liked, which may have made it harder to identify. But after showing her the first one, she did very well with the others. We returned to it a couple more times throughout the day - her idea, not mine! I'm so pleased that she enjoys these so much!

Color Walk
Honey Pot always asks for more after completing our "Which Is __?" activity. So on color days it segues nicely into our color walk. I've noticed that if I point to something purple and ask, "What color is this?" that she doesn't answer correctly. However if I have a group of items and say, "Which is purple?" she points to the right one every time. She's done this with other colors too.

Minnie Mouse helped point out the purple items too!

Harold and the Purple Crayon
A classic story! But unfortunately, we don't own the book...yet. I did come across this video version online though, created in 1959 and directed by David Piel. It was a cute little cartoon, and had Honey Pot giggling in certain spots. (Note: I do not own the rights to this video!)

Monochromatic Picture
After watching Harold and the Purple Crayon, Honey Pot created her own purple picture. I supplied her with a piece of paper, marker, colored pencil, crayon and glitter glue - all in purple. Then I let her create away! She had difficulty squeezing the glitter glue; but other than that, she really enjoyed each instrument. She enjoyed them so much actually, that she asked for more. She helped herself to more markers and colored pencils. The rest of the picture didn't stay monochromatic I'm afraid, LOL.

Water Beads
We finished our purple day with a sensory bin that I have been super excited to try, after seeing all the hoopla about it on Pinterest. The original blog I spotted it on is Play At Home Mom, where the blogger even experiments with them over a light table for an amazing effect. First, the teeny tiny beads need to hydrate in about 1.5-2 quarts of water for 4-6 hours. By the end of that time, they will have absorbed much of the water and become much bigger in size.

I wasn't sure how messy these would be, so I set a towel out beneath it and put Honey Pot's smock on her. She marched on the towel while I drained the excess water from the beads and brought them over. (Note we also dressed in purple today!)

We identified the color of the beads, which she kept calling "grapes," and then she put her hand in it hesitantly. I urged her to dig in with both hands, and when she did, there was no turning back!

I described its properties to her: squishy, slippery, wet. Sometimes they would bounce out of the bin, which made her laugh. I may or may not have lost a bead or two down the heater I said, they are slippery little things!

Then she touched one to her foot and added another property: "brr cold!"

I brought over a spoon and bowl from her play kitchen, so she could practice scooping and dumping if she wished. She did. She liked pretending to eat her "grapes."

I had heard that standing in these beads is a must. But before I was able to help her into them, she dipped her foot in on her own!

What she liked the very most was standing up in the bin, and squishing her feet into the beads. I must admit, they feel pretty awesome. I definitely look forward to doing this activity again.

I mean, doesn't this look relaxing? I wouldn't mind doing this myself...


  1. Great blog Lauri! I will be following you from now on. I also have to find some of these water bead for E!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I highly recommend them - they are so much fun. And compared to the other sensory bins out there...very little mess!

  2. We played with water beads in a bath today. Oh wow did we loose a lot to bursting during that extravaganza! Love how much she enjoyed them!

    1. Oh, that sounds like fun! It's nice to see what other types of activities you can do with these after the initial exploring - I saw on Pinterest today that you can paint with them as you do with marbles too. Might be interesting to try!