Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter: C

Theme of the Day: The Letter C
Age: 21 months

"C" Roads
I founds this idea on this blog and thought Honey Pot would really enjoy driving her cars across the letters. I was prepared to make my own, but then found these free printables and decided to give them a try! "C" was meant to be for "car", but Honey Pot had her own idea and had her toys walk along the roads instead. These were left on her tray all day, and she kept returning to them with her little people. A huge success, and so I'll have to do this activity for other letters too!

Caterpillar Hop
"C" is also for caterpillar! The inspiration for this idea came from the same blog as above. Since I was using the game for a younger child than the blogger, I altered it slightly. I thought it would be a great way to review what Honey Pot has learned so far, and added the letters ABC and the numbers 123. (Okay, we're doing 3 on Thursday, so that one threw her for a loop...but she caught on.) The game was a huge success, and closely resembled the Circle Hop we did last week. It quickly progressed from "Jump on the B!" to "Spin in circles on the 3!" We'll leave it taped to the floor for a couple days, so we can return to it when we actually do the number 3!

Play-dough C
We played with Honey Pot's play-dough again for this week's letter. I pulled out the cookie cutter and asked her what letter it was. She answered correctly after thinking for only a second! So we cut out a couple of "C" shapes, squished it around, chopped it up...in every color play-dough that she has. :)

Baking Cookies and "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"
One of Honey Pot's current favorite books is about the sequence of events that happen when you give a mouse a cookie. Since "cookie" begins with "C" I decided to incorporate it into today's unit. We baked some chocolate chip cookies, and read the book while they were in the oven! Mmm!

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics and Which is C?
We also reviewed the letter C with Honey Pot's fridge magnets. We listened to what it sounds like, then played a few rounds of "Which is C?" with the other letters. She was only confused one time, when there was an "O" beside it.

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