Thursday, February 9, 2012

Number: 3

Theme of the Day: The Number 3
Age: 21 months

Lauri Puzzle
I love these puzzles, and introducing one at a time makes it feel like we are giving her a new toy every week! She enjoyed exploring this puzzle, and even drove the "choo choo chains" around for a bit!

Which Is Three? - Numeral and Picture
I made these in Photoshop Elements. She was better able to identify the 3 among the numerals than the pictures for now. But regardless of giving wrong answers, she always asks for "another one" when we finish! We'll keep practicing!

Number Matching Game
I found this among a ton of other free printables at this site. The object of the game was for Honey Pot to match the numeral to the card with the same amount of dots. A little complex for her age, but we worked on it together!

Caterpillar Hop
We also returned to this game briefly (see this post for description) to review 123 and ABC.

Short day today, as we had a play-date with friends during the afternoon! We'll do plenty of review!

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