Friday, February 3, 2012

Right and Left

Theme of the Day: Right and Left
Age: 21 months

Tracing Hands
We identified which hand was right and left, then I traced my hand as an example. She actually kept her hand still long enough for me to trace them. So I outlined them in marker, and let her color the page with pencil afterward. It was a nice introduction to today's theme, and tiny hand art always makes a nice keepsake. :)

I cut a toilet paper roll in half and let her decorate it with markers. Then I put a flower from my scrapbooking stash on top. The idea was to place it on her right wrist as a way to help her identify her right hand throughout the day. But of course, being the girl who doesn't let you keep a hair tie in her hair for more than a second, she pulled this off quickly too.

Hokey Pokey
No right and left unit would be complete without singing this song! I slipped Honey Pot's bracelet back on her right hand for a little bit, and we went through the motions of the song. Not surprisingly, she liked the "turn yourself around" verse the best. We'll have to work on this again.

Which is Right/Left?
It was a lazy day for us, so we basically kept it simple for the remainder of the day. This was an ongoing game where we just asked her to identify her right from her left. "Where is your right hand?" "Which is your left foot?" "Which cup is on the left?" etc. I know it is a 50/50 chance that she would answer correctly, but she did surprisingly well with this game.

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