Monday, February 6, 2012

Color: Yellow

Theme of the Day: The Color Yellow
Age: 21 months

Which is Yellow?
I created another set of images in Photoshop Elements, and had Honey Pot show me which in each group was yellow. She answered each perfectly, and asked for more. She always loves this game! So we immediately moved onto the next activity for her to show off her knowledge to me.

Color Walk
We went on a color walk around Honey Pot's room, where she masterfully picked up all of these yellow items and identified them as such before placing them in her bucket.

Sorting Pom Poms
I set out a bowl of pom poms in the three colors that we have covered so far, as well as three smaller bowls and a couple of kitchen utensils. I showed Honey Pot how to pick up the pom poms, and sort them into the bowls. For a long while, she scooped them up with the ice cream scoop and placed them randomly into the bowls. And she explored further: picking them back up and putting them all in one bowl, dumping the bowl, etc. We kept the activity out on her tray all day, and I am happy to report that when she returned to it later, she sorted all of them successfully! She even managed to use the tongs properly once or twice. I'll buy her one of those small plastic sets from the dollar store soon!

Hand-print Art
I just love all of the hand-print art that I have seen online, and had to try one today! I came across this fun craft and knew it would be perfect for our yellow unit. First I painted Honey Pot's hand yellow with the paintbrush, and pushed it down on paper. Then I let her explore the paint on her own. She painted her hands more, patted them down on paper, squished masking tape into the paint and even finger-painted. Once the original hand-print was dry, I added the beak and feet with orange paint, and drew on the eye and wing. I love the result!

Yellow Bath
We had a lot of fun with the fizzy bath tablets today. Honey Pot watched it dissolve and from there on out kept pointing out the yellow water. She also showed me which button on her bubble blower was yellow, and played with the yellow submarine! A great finish to our yellow day.

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