Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter: E

Theme of the Day: The Letter E
Age: 21 months

E Is For Elephant
We started the morning with a couple of elephant activities. First, we colored a picture to introduce the letter of the day. Note the first one - Honey Pot was saying, "EEEEE!" The coloring page came from Kiboomu. Then we put on masks (from Animal Jr) and pretended to be elephants! She loved this...until she pulled on it and it broke. Had I intended these for long term use, I might have matted them on sturdy cardstock. But it was fun while it lasted!

Play-dough E
We do this activity every letter day, and although she needs help pushing the cookie cutter down all the way, Honey Pot loves it! We did two colors today. 

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics
As with each week, I used this toy to help introduce the look and sound of the letter to Honey Pot. She still kept calling the "E" an "L" all day though...

E Is For Easter Eggs
I had intended on this being a matching activity, where Honey Pot could put together the matching tops and bottoms. But it turns out the set I bought have the tops and bottoms attached. So she just played with them for a while. "Open!" "Close." Then I brought out a muffin pan to attempt a general color matching. But it was more fun to just open and close them all evening!

Honey Pot created an E-card today! (Get it??) Her Daddy has been away for several days, and I thought it would be nice to make a card for his return. I cut out the card for her, then supplied her with a pencil, markers and stickers. She loves to "write" with a pencil! So first she scribbled a message to him...then she added a few strokes of the markers...finally, LOTS of heart stickers! I matted the final product on a piece of scrap paper.

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