Friday, February 10, 2012


Theme of the Day: Weather
Age: 21 months

Weather Chart
I created this weather chart in Photoshop Elements, then "laminated" the pieces with Con-Tact paper for stability. This morning when Honey Pot came out to the kitchen for breakfast, we stopped to look out the window. I asked her what the weather was like outside. "Is it rainy," I would ask. "Nooo," she'd respond. And we continued until I asked if it was sunny. She peeled the sun off, and stuck it in the box.

I imagine it'll take some time to identify the weather without so much prompting. But it'll be something we can go over every morning together. Even before the end of today, it became cloudy so we returned to it again. She loves peeling off the Velcro!

I found the first of these on this site, and created the second in Photoshop Elements. She did incredibly well with the first worksheet, identifying the images that were different in each set! The object of the second worksheet was to match the weather to the item that is used in that weather...but the concept was a little difficult for her to understand. I may be jumping the gun here, but I was just so excited to give it a try!

Fingerprint Rain Craft
This site has so many fun ideas and free printables. I was so excited to try this craft with Honey Pot, as it is not only cute, but incorporates so many different types of art (markers, scissors, glue, ink). She was bound to find something to enjoy in this craft.

First she colored the umbrella.

Then as I was cutting it out, she got her scissors so she could "clip, clip" too!

(Glue is her favorite! But unfortunately I didn't plan ahead, and had to quickly charge my camera through most of the cutting and gluing...But imagine here she glues the umbrella onto the paper, and then adds glue to the top of the page for the clouds.)

Next, she placed the "clouds" onto the paper.

Coloring the clouds black to make them "rain clouds." The blog that posted this craft says to use paint and brush it on with an extra cottonball...but we don't have any black paint! This worked just fine.

Now the messy part...dipping her finger (then her whole hand!) into the ink pad, to dab onto the paper and make raindrops! We keep wipes handy during all of her crafts, for quick mid-craft clean-ups if necessary!

And here is the final product!


  1. Oh Lauri, I'm so excited to see what you do with your Tot School, especially once your boy arrives :)

    1. Thank you so much, Chris! We've been having so much fun with it. You are an amazing blogger - I will have to remember to keep an eye on your blogs as well! I cannot believe how fast our little ones are growing up - Joey is such a handsome little guy!