Thursday, February 2, 2012

Number: 2

Theme of the Day: Number 2
Age: 21 months

Which Is Two? - Numeral and Pictures
I created these sequences in Photoshop Elements. She kept pointing out the pictures with one image in it though, so I'm not sure that she quite understands two yet! I've concluded that once we've covered 1, 2 and 3 separately we will have a day devoted to all three of them before moving on.

Sesame Street Videos
These were such a hit last week with the number one that I had to find some more for this lesson too. Here are the two videos that I showed her today. Please note that I do not own the rights to these videos - I found them on You Tube and they belong to Sesame Street!

Lauri Puzzle
I gave Honey Pot the next in her set of Lauri puzzles to play with. She again loved poking out the shapes and pushing them back in again. We worked on counting the pears a little bit. Then I showed her what 2 looks like with my fingers. Although she tried to imitate me, she couldn't get her little fingers to stay in place yet. We'll have to work on that before her birthday in May!

Paper Towel Art
I found this idea on Pinterest - here is the original post. With washable markers, I wrote the number 2 a few times on one paper towel, and on the second paper towel I drew shapes in pairs of two. Then I gave Honey Pot a paintbrush and a small cup of water. She really enjoyed painting with the water, and the result was fun for me to watch too. It was a fun craft that we can return to for various themes. And cleanup was super easy too!

Here is what they look like immediately after finishing.

And here is what they look like once they have dried. Pretty!

Magnetic Pom Poms
I know I was going to give this activity a rest this week, but when Honey Pot found the magnetic pom poms in my closet she asked to play with them. So I quickly created this in Photoshop Elements and let her play with it. :)

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