Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letter: G

Theme Of The Day: The Letter G
Age: 22 months

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics and Which Is G?
I love introducing our letter this way. First I pulled her toy off of the fridge, and set it up on our tray. I placed the "G" inside so Honey Pot could see it and hear what it sounded like.

Then I created groups of three letters, and asked her to identify the "G" among them. She did really well with this!

Even the baby doll helped point to the "G" for us!

Play-Dough G
We continued the theme of the day with Honey Pot's homemade play-dough. First she helped me roll it out.

I pulled out the "G" cookie cutter, and asked her what letter it was. Success - she remembered! Then she pushed the cookie cutter down with all of her might!

We played with the "G" and the rest of her play-dough for a good long while after that.

G Is For Giraffe
I came across this fun idea at a blog called The Blessed Country Mom. First I traced the letter "G" onto yellow paper, as well as a giraffe head template that I found online. (There was no way I could have free-handed it!) Then I cut out some giraffe spots from orange paper. Another glue craft - Honey Pot was so excited to try it.

I placed the "G" flashcard (from a set I made for her wall) as well as her stuffed animal onto the craft table for inspiration.

She placed the two googly eyes onto the face.

Then she dabbed a bit of glue onto the "G" and placed a spot onto it!

Going glue crazy...

And finally, with a bit of prompting, she finished placing the spots onto the giraffe's body.

The final product!

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