Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shape: Arrow

Theme Of The Day: Arrows
Age: 22 months

Which Way?
I created these in Photoshop Elements as a way to introduce our shape today. I told Honey Pot what the shape was called, and explained how it is pointing in a certain direction. Then I said, "If I want to find the dolphin, I would go this way," and then point to the right. It seemed like a difficult concept for her to grasp. So I decided to use these arrows another way!

Follow The Arrow
I cut out the arrows from the worksheet above. As I was doing so, Honey Pot went looking for her scissors too. I provided her with the scraps to "clip, clip" while I set up the game. She loves her Minnie and Mickey Mouse. So I set the arrows up on the floor and told her to have Minnie follow the arrows! I demonstrated with Mickey first.

She did so well with this! We changed the direction of the arrows a few times, to help enforce the idea that they are pointing which way to go. (Sorry for the last blurry pic - but Minnie Mouse was in a hurry to "fah-woh" the "ah-woh" that time!)

Tracing The Path
We have never used our dry erase markers on the window before. I knew Honey Pot would really enjoy it, so I incorporated it into today's theme. I first drew some arrows onto the window, and then asked her to take the other marker and draw along the path. She started off really well!

Then she just went a little color-happy from there!

And the eraser was a lot of fun too!

Trying to return to the theme at hand, I drew an arrow and asked, "Is the arrow pointing up or down?" She answered correctly, then went about drawing again. Not sure if it was just a lucky guess or not. We'll have to return to it again sometime!

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