Friday, March 9, 2012

New Baby

Theme Of The Day: New Baby
Age: 22 months

Notes: We have been trying to prepare Honey Pot for the arrival of her baby brother for many months now. But I wanted to include it in our Tot School as well, especially now that I am full-term in my pregnancy. So here are the activities we did today!

Big Sister Book
I gave Honey Pot a new book this morning called I'm A Big Sister, by Joanna Cole.

Joanna Cole,Rosalinda Kightley's Share your own customer images Search inside this book I'm a Big Sister [Hardcover](2010)

She wanted me to read it to her right away! I love how simplistic the words are, as they are told in the first-person by the new big sister. It explains that babies like to drink milk and sleep a lot, and reasons why they cry. It also says that they can't yet play with toys or eat pizza. The language is perfect in helping Honey Pot understand what her baby brother will be like. As soon as I finished reading it, she asked me to read it again. We read it FIVE consecutive times this morning, as well as a few more times throughout the day. She loves her new book, and I highly recommend it.

Photo Album
As described in the book above, I pulled out a photo album full of pictures of Honey Pot as a baby. At first she thought it was her baby cousin, but I was able to convince her that it was actually her, and that she was a little baby once too.

There are a couple of toys in the pictures that she still plays with, such as the O'Ball. She ran right to her room to get it.

Changing A Diaper
A week ago, we purchased a baby doll for Honey Pot - her first one! She fell in love with it immediately and has been taking care of her ever since, even sleeping with her at night. So we practiced giving the baby a "dipey change" a few times. She even ran to her room to get the wipes and baby powder!

Being Gentle
I told honey Pot that she needs to always be gentle with the baby, so we practiced how to do that.

Reasons Babies Cry
We discussed a few reasons why the baby might cry. Then any time Honey Pot had her baby go "wah, wah" I would ask her what she thought was the matter, or what we could do to make the baby happy. Her first answer was so sweet. She gave the baby a kiss.

The next time the baby cried, we decided that the baby was hungry and wanted some milk.

Later, she wanted to be rocked. So Honey Pot held her, sang her the ABC song and then set her down in the baby swing. She even made sure the buckle was on so that her baby was safe and snug.

A Present For Baby
We ended the day by decorating a onesie for her baby brother. I told her that she could color an outfit for Little M&M, and she was so excited. I hadn't planned this in advance, and so I did not have special fabric markers or appliques to use. But I read online that you can use permanant markers as well. So that is what we did...very carefully!

Honey Pot was so proud of the outfit she made for her baby brother. I told her that Little M&M would be so happy to wear it when he arrives, and that it would show him how much she loves him.

After ironing the onesie to allow the colors to set, it is now ready for Little M&M to wear!