Sunday, April 27, 2014


Little M&M is 2 years and 1 month old.

Stacking Cheerios

We started off our circle unit with something Honey Pot did when she was learning about circles. It was so much fun! First I cut out a circle shape from playdoh, and stuck two pieces of uncooked spaghetti into it. Then I asked Little M&M to stack them up. He loved doing this!

Circle Playdoh Fun

While the playdoh was out, I noticed Little M&M sticking his extra Cheerios into it. So we cut out more circles of various sizes, and used some of our other circular playdoh accessories (buttons, googly eyes, etc.) too.

Sticker Shapes

I found this idea on Pinterest, from a blog called Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. I traced a large circle onto paper, and asked Little M&M to put these stickers onto the dots to make a circle. He and Honey Pot both always love sticker activities!

Size Sorting

I kept the playdoh cookie cutters out for our next activity, as well as some pom poms of three sizes. Then Little M&M had to sort them by size.

He always enjoys sorting activities, and asks to do them over and over. So the next time we arranged the circles into a Mickey Mouse and he loved that!

Circle Glue Craft

I found this idea from JDaniel4'sMom. I printed out a bus template from the Internet. Then I used a circle punch to cut out lots of yellow and black circles for Little M&M to glue onto the bus. We started with the wheels.

And then he added glue for the yellow circles.

That were a lot of circles for his little attention span, so I helped him toward the end. But he was pleased with the end result!

Coloring Page

He kept asking for "other a'tivity" but I had nothing else prepared. So I quickly printed out a coloring page from Mia's Craft Ideas. He actually colors in the lines fairly well sometimes! I colored the page with him.

I even caught him holding his crayon properly a couple of times!

Circle Hopscotch

We were eager to get outside one afternoon during circle week, so we brought the chalk out and played for a while. I drew multiple circles in a row, each a different color. Then I asked Little M&M to hop to a particular circle. For example, I'd ask, "Can you hop to the blue circle?" And he loved doing this! He's been perfect with color recognition, even colors we never focused on individually like brown, pink, silver and gold. But this was a fun review!

Of course Honey Pot wanted to play too!

Circle Paint Craft

Honey Pot also joined us for our next activity. In the past we had used sponge shapes for prints. But those are a little too squishy, and I wanted a clearer result. So we used plastic cups! I poured four different paint colors onto small plates, then the kids made circle prints on brown paper.

They came out really great, and the kids had fun!

Circle Hunt

We finished our unit by going on a hunt around the house for circles! We gathered all the circles into Little M&M's Easter basket. First, the shape puzzle, because we were sure to find one there!

I was surprised at how many circles we had lying around actually. Many in their toy kitchen and on their music shelf.

When we were finished, we dumped out the basket and explored all of the circles we had found!

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    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing our circle activities. And thank you for taking time to comment! I really appreciate your kind words. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing some great ideas. Curious though, where did you get your cool paint shirts? I love that they are long sleeved and have elastic on the sleeves. I do daycare so would work great.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for commenting! I just love these smocks, and both of my kids got great use out of them. They are called BabyBjorn Eat and Play Smocks, and I purchased mine from Amazon: Hope this helps!

  3. Great Ideas! I came across your site through Pinterest.

  4. Thanks for posting all these ideas, I now have tomorrow's circle activities!