Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Letter U

Honey Pot is 3.5 years old.

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

We introduced the letter of the week as usual by listening to Scout's song.

Pattern Block U Puzzle

We printed out the letter U from Confessions of a Homeschooler's amazing set of alphabet puzzles.

Tracing The Letter U

I found this set of alphabet tracing pages from The Measured Mom and I love them! I wish I had discovered them sooner. So much easier for little hands to trace than dotted lines.

Salt Tray U

We pulled out the salt tray that we created during our S unit and practiced making U's as well as some other doodles.

U is for Unicorn - Footprint Craft

It has been so long since we've done a hand or footprint craft. We always enjoy these. I found this idea from the Handprint and Footprint Art blog. Honey Pot loves playing with her ponies and one of them is a unicorn. So I knew she'd just love making one for her U unit. First I painted her foot white, and she pressed it down onto paper. Next I let her choose three colors for the horn and mane. She finger-painted stripes onto the horn first.

Then she dipped three fingers into the colors at once to make the unicorn's mane.

It came out beautiful!

Once everything had dried, she glued on the horn.

And I drew on the face. Cute!

U is for Underwater - Sticker and Glue Craft

I found this idea from House of Baby Piranha. Honey Pot had seen Little M&M's sticker craft during his circle unit this week, and wanted to do a sticker craft too. So I cut out water from blue paper and a U from white paper, and she got to work.

She really took her time adding the stickers, and explained all along the way what each sea creature was doing. "He's swimming up." "He's getting the bubble." "He's following him."

Afterward, I added dots for her to trace so she could write the word UNDERWATER.


U is for Umbrella - Pushpin Poking

We have done a similar activity in the past with giant pushpins. To extend the activity, I had her use the bottom of a cocktail umbrella instead. She enjoyed doing this, and worked very quietly and carefully down on the carpet.

When she was finished, she flipped it over and traced the shape with her finger. Great activity!

Umbrella Playdoh Fun

Honey Pot loves her playdoh activities. We brought a few of those cocktail umbrellas up to her craft table and played with them in all sorts of ways. First she made a simple beach scene.

Then she added a person to stand under it.

We cut out U's with our playdoh cookie cutters and added more umbrellas.

Then she got really creative and started constructing things with her playdoh and umbrellas!

This one was her favorite construction. I asked her what it was, and she said a microphone!

And then she started singing a song into it. LOL!

Then of course the cupcake liners came out of our playdoh container, and she had to make some pretend cupcakes.

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