Sunday, May 4, 2014

Peter Pan Party!

Honey Pot turned four this week! She chose Peter Pan for her party theme, as it is one of her favorite books and movies right now. I had so much fun planning this party for her. Take a look at what we did!

The Invitation



I printed off a map of Neverland and added the words Happy Birthday to it. Then matted it onto brown paper and burned the edges.

Here is the banner and silhouette scene. Hanging from the mantel is our photo display of the birthday girl, including some of her cutest pictures from the last four years.

For the silhouettes I just printed off the images from the computer and cut them out. They came out super cute! I added a full moon and two stars to the scene (2nd star to the right, remember?).

The Food

The party started at 2pm, so we only offered snack foods. Although a few were a little far-fetched, I tried to have each item relate to the story in some way. Here is the table at large, keep scrolling for close-ups:

We had bottled water, with labels that I created in PSE. Half of them had Tinkerbell on them and half of them had Peter Pan.

We also offered a blue punch, called "Mermaid Lagoon."

"Smee's Cannonballs" - Meatballs

"Hangman's Tree" - Broccoli Salad

"Gold Doubloons" - Bacon-wrapped Pineapple Bites

"Indian Campfire" - Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip

"Skull Rock" - Rock Candy

"Tinkerbell's Wand" - Candy-dipped Pretzels

"Ticking Crocodile" - Gummy Candies

And here is the top layer of the table, raised up by our Christmas tree box...

Lost Boy's Oreo Cookie Pops. I found the images of the Lost Boys on Pinterest.

"Captain Hook's Pirate Ship" - Fruit Salad

Peter Pan Cake. We cut out the shape from parchment paper, and covered the cake in sprinkles. So simple and it came out so cute!

Birthday Girl's Outfit

She wanted to be Tinkerbell. So we purchased this cute wings/wand/headband set from Amazon and paired it with a green dress. She was in love with her outfit!

Tinkerbell's Pixie Dust - Craft

This was a huge hit! The glass bottles are from Oriental Trading, and were so perfect for this craft. I love how they came in so many different shapes, for the party guests to choose from. I made a small label to attach to each. We added some fine glitter to each bowl of colored sand. The sand came with funnels, which made this super simple to put together. The kids (and some adults!) all had so much fun bottling their own pixie dust!

Here are some pictures from this craft!

Mermaid Lagoon - Water Table

We turned our water table into a mermaid lagoon quite simply. The river rocks and foliage came from the Dollar Tree, and we tinted the water blue with a blue bath tablet. Then we provided a few mermaid toys, and voila! TONS of fun! This is something the kiddos went back to again and again throughout the day. 

The Jolly Roger - Pirate Ship Play Space

My wonderful husband turned half of our deck into Captain Hook's ship for the day, complete with a helm (our slide), a sail and a plank! It came out awesome!

The plank was a huge hit, especially. We laid down a piece of blue tablecloth for the water below. Party guests of all ages had a blast walking the plank!

Balloon Swords

My husband found a YouTube video on how to make swords out of balloons, and they were a huge hit as well. Many a battle ensued.

Wrapping Paper

For Honey Pot's presents this year, I actually had her and Little M&M decorate the wrapping paper. I gave them a large sheet of brown paper, and let them finger-paint it in her party colors. Love all the little handprints!

Goody Bags

- Peter Pan Golden Book
- Drawstring pouch of gold doubloons
- Crocodile gummy candy in a baggy with a label I made
- Stickers (either fairies or pirates)
- An I-Spy game I made in PSE
- Their bottle of pixie dust from the party craft

Anyone want the I-Spy game? Help yourself!

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