Saturday, June 16, 2012

There Is a Bird on Your Head!

Theme: There Is a Bird on Your Head, by Mo Willems
Age: Honey Pot is 2 years and 1 month old

We are participating in our first Virtual Book Club! This month we had to choose a story by Mo Willems. I had never read his work before, but I am so pleased to have discovered these books! The wording is so toddler-friendly, and perfect for early readers as well. The illustrations are simplistic yet funny. We really got a kick out of this story. Here is what we did:

Reading The Book

We chose There Is a Bird on Your Head, by Mo Willems. As soon as it arrived, Honey Pot asked to read it. We laughed together quite a bit at the ending. And she asked to read it over and over!

Balancing Birds

Honey Pot practiced balancing birds on her head. We acted out the opening scene to the story multiple times. “Is there something on my head?” “There is a bird on your head!” “Aaaaaaghhh!” She even helped to balance one on my head.

Building A Bird Nest and Egg Counting

Later in the story, the birds build a nest on the elephant’s head. After discovering this fun craft from the blog No Time For Flashcards, we decided to give it a try. We didn’t have any brown yarn, so first we painted our yarn.

Then, once it had dried, Honey Pot squirt out a whole bunch of glue onto a plate.

We slathered the yarn into it, and placed it on a balloon. This took quite a bit of my assistance, and was very messy! It is meant to dry for 24 hours, but we became impatient and decided to deflate the balloon and test out our nest later that day.

We pulled out some Easter eggs and counted them, just as Piggie does in the book.

And then we balanced the nest and egg on Honey Pot’s head.

Birdseed Sensory Bin

We completed our theme with a fun sensory bin full of birdseed. Honey Pot had so much fun with this! We began by exploring its properties. “Mmm, smells good!” she said. I provided her with a few old kitchen utensils and Tupperware containers, and she started scooping.

“Here you go, birds. Eat!”

Finally she dug her hands right in. This always takes a little encouragement because she is hesitant of getting messy. But she’s always so happy when she does.

Needless to say, the deck became quite a mess by the time she was finished. So she cleaned up after herself! 

Such a great day of activities! And we so look forward to continuing with other books in the future!

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  1. Love your activities. It is my first time too to participate in a virtual mum club and found it really interesting. I like your sensory bin idea. We read The Pigeon wants a puppy. Great read too. Thanks for sharing your activities.

  2. We love this book, too! I have 3 little ones who are quite obsessed with birds these days!

  3. Bird seed! Great idea for a sensory bin.