Friday, October 12, 2012


Theme: Spoon, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Age: Honey Pot is 2 years and 5 months old

This month the Virtual Book Club is featuring Amy Krouse Rosenthal! We took out the only three of her books that our library had, and decided to choose Spoon for our activities. Keep reading to see what we did!

Spoon Girl Craft

First we made our own spoon girl! I found a cute plastic one that she could decorate for under a dollar. I provided the glue, googly eyes, snippets of yarn and one chenille stem for arms. She put on a dab of glue for the eyes and placed them on the spoon:

Then added a little more for her hair:

And I added a mouth with marker and tied on the arms. Then we enjoyed our craft with a little bit of pretend play (Honey Pot’s very favorite thing to do).

Spoon’s Family

In the book, we are shown a picture of Spoon’s family.

I thought it was so cute, I had to incorporate it into our activities today! I grabbed a few spoons from her kitchen and mine, and we played with them for a bit. They had a short conversation then we gave a few of them names such as “Brother” and “Aunt.”

We lined them all up, and I asked Honey Pot to count all of the members of Spoon’s family. She counted twelve, pointing to each one as she counted. She did great!

Then we sorted them by size – big and small:

And finally, we sorted them by color – pinks, grays, browns and blues:

Writing Practice

On Pinterest I keep seeing adorable worksheets for preschoolers to practice their writing skills. Lead the pig to his pen by tracing the line…for example. I just had to create one for Honey Pot. First I made the page in Photoshop Elements, based on a scene in the book. Spoon’s mother told him how special it is to be a spoon because he can dip into a bowl of ice cream, clink on the side of cereal bowl and relax in a hot cup of tea. So Honey Pot could lead the spoon to each of these places. I let her choose between crayon, marker, pen or pencil…she chose a pencil. I guided her hand along each line first, to give her and idea of what I was asking her to do. Then I had her try it herself.

She did fairly well for her first time!

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  1. Your activity is great! You did too many cool stuff with spoons :) I should get ourselves a few of her books to participate in the hop. Seems fun!

  2. I am a Prek teacher and I work with Occupational Therapist. If you break pencils/crayons to make them smaller it will help children grasp the pencil correctly. Just thought you might like that tip. Alot of kids want to grasp pencils with here whole hand so if you use small pencils like the ones used for golf they work really well :) I love your blog and all of your great ideas!

    1. Thank you - what a wonderful tip! I will certainly try that next time. :)