Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Trees

Theme: Christmas Trees
Honey Pot is 2 years and 7 months old

Felt Board

I was so excited to make Honey Pot another set for her felt board! I created the tree in pieces so that she could assemble it as well as decorate it with ornaments and presents. And of course it became a nice review of simple shapes like circle, square, triangle and well as an introduction to the trapezoid!

She enjoyed this a lot, and did it a few times throughout the week!

We even snuck in some counting practice!


We took a trip to the library this week for some Christmas books that mention trees. Out of the six, Honey Pot’s very favorites are:

The Night Tree, by Eve Bunting (Highly, highly recommend this!!)
Clifford’s First Christmas, by Norman Bridwell

And we also bought a classic called Mr.Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert E. Barry. What wonderful Christmas stories! They really get you in the spirit of the season.

Name Christmas Tree

This craft was inspired by the blogs Miss Kindergarten as well as No Time For Flashcards. I combined the name recognition with some fun q-tip painting. First I provided Honey Pot with the pieces of her name tree and some glue. (Sorry for the poor Photoshopping, as I removed her real name!)

And she assembled her tree, including the trunk and the star.

Then we took out the white paint, and I demonstrated how she could make snow around and on her tree. She loved this!

After she had her fill though, she decided to use her finger to make more snow (note the top left, lol). Lastly, she added some snow along the bottom.

It's hanging on our fridge right now. Love it!

O Christmas Tree Song

Honey Pot has a wonderful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songbook with an attached piano. I decided to include some singing in this week’s theme, because Honey Pot loves singing along to Christmas music! I sang it a few times, and Honey Pot soon was able to join in a bit. The book lights up the notes for you to play it by yourself, and Honey Pot was even able to follow the red light and play the song. She did about a stanza before losing interest. So we moved on!


Do-A-Dot Tree

Lastly, I also provided Honey Pot with this do-a-dot worksheet from DLTK. I deleted my pictures by accident while uploading (Doh!) so I can’t show you her finished product. It isn’t hard to imagine though, as Honey Pot only used the blue dot marker to make her “ornaments,” lol. So there you have it!

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