Monday, February 25, 2013

The Letter L

Theme: The Letter L
Honey Pot is 2 years and 9 months old
Little M&M is 11 months old

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

We started our theme this week by finding the L fridge magnet and listening to Scout’s song about the sound the letter L makes. Honey Pot seems to know this letter pretty well, so she had no trouble finding it!

L is for Ladybug Craft

I found this idea on Pinterest via The Iowa Farmer’s Wife. I just switched the colors around a bit to my liking. First I cut out the shapes out of construction paper for Honey Pot.

Then she started gluing the pieces together.

When she was all finished I had her count the spots on her ladybug, for some extra math practice!

Very cute!

L is for Lollipop – Playdough

Seeking Shade had a fun activity where they shaped their playdough into Popsicles and decorated them with beads. We decided to do the same for lollipops. First we did the usual cookie cutter cutout for the letter of the week.

I turned around to help Little M&M with something, and came back to this attempt:

Then we made some lollipops! I let Honey Pot use some of my scrapbooking supplies.

Then later we got out another color of playdough, and decorated our lollipops with buttons.

Don’t worry, she’s just pretending to eat it…

L is for Lemon Experiment

This is a popular experiment I keep seeing. It is also known as invisible ink. First I gathered our supplies.

Then asked Honey Pot to help me get the juice from the lemon.

We used Q-Tips for her to draw a picture with the lemon juice. I also drew a couple of things.

Once it had dried completely, we used a heat source to make our drawings magically appear. You need something super hot! We used our griddle…with extreme caution of course!

Ta da!

L is for Limbo

We concluded our L theme with a fun dance. We pulled up Limbo Rock on You Tube, and played it over and over. (Warning: song may stay in your head for up to one week.) And our dining room chairs seemed perfect for holding our limbo stick (a broken broom) at different levels. First I showed Honey Pot how to play the game (um, ouch) and then there was no stopping her!

We weren’t strict on the rules, since Honey Pot is only two and a half!

Even Little M&M joined in the fun!

The crab walk—genius!

Honey Pot wanted it even lower, so we suspended our limbo stick on a couple of low toys. She and Little M&M crawled under it.

It was so incredibly fun!

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