Friday, April 19, 2013


Theme: Spring
Honey Pot is 2 years and 11 months old


We have a couple of libraries very close to our new home! We went to the smaller of these, and it was quite nice. Looking forward to exploring the bigger one before our next unit. Apparently it’s pretty amazing. Since we are still learning our way around, we only borrowed three springy books this week, and combined them with three from our own collection. What a refreshing group of stories! Springtime, you were long overdue!

Do-A-Dot Art

We began our unit with this simple activity. The printables came from a great Spring Pack from 3 Dinosaurs. Honey Pot had no trouble with these, and seemed to really enjoy getting back into craft mode! She completed two of these. First a butterfly:

Then a blue flower.


Sponge Prints

In my tot school stash I have a group of sponges in various shapes, purchased from the Dollar Tree. I thought we could create a pretty spring picture with these and hang it up all season long. I taped two pieces of cardstock together, and got out a few springy colors of paint. Then I showed Honey Pot where we should put the green rectangle stems.

Then I asked her to stamp some flowers on top of those stems. We used the circle sponge in addition to the flower sponge.

Love how this came out. And we have it hanging right above the kitchen sink.


This is another printable from the 3 Dinosaurs Spring Pack. We haven’t done too much of this type of thing yet. Honey Pot had a bit of difficulty understanding which picture should come next. I'd say she got about half of them right by herself. But I think it was a successful introduction to this concept. 

Flower Path

Here is another printable we found in the 3 Dinosaurs pack. Honey Pot and I just loved this activity! First I asked her to follow the pink flowers with her finger.

Then she picked up a crayon, and followed the path again.

It’s hard to see here, but she actually did pretty great. This is great writing practice. We’ll definitely be doing more of these!

Button Flower Math

I found this neat idea on Pinterest, originating from a blog called Sixty Second Parent. I drew some flower stems on a piece of printer paper, and wrote the numbers 1-6 along them. Then I supplied Honey Pot with a bunch of buttons from my old scrap booking stash. I asked her to identify the numbers, one at a time, and place that many buttons atop the stems. She had fun with this!

Being silly!

She counted as she added each button. But with number six, she had to go back and make sure she had enough!

The final product. Great number review!

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