Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mickey Mouse Brunch!

My whole family is planning a trip to Disney World in 2015! Each of the individual families attending these big family vacations likes to get together to plan all the specifics of the trip. So we hosted the 1st of a handful of these meetings. Since "it all started with a mouse" we decided to make it a Mickey Mouse theme. Here is how it looked!

I decorated the nearby shelf with some Mickey themed items, including a canvas drip-painting I made for my son's room in Mickey colors.

We decorated the table cloth to look like Mickey's pants. This fabulous idea originates from this link that I found on Pinterest, although there is no blog linked to give credit to! Love this! We also used our Mickey Mouse bowl as well as some table settings in coordinating colors.

We served a variety of foods for brunch such as an Eggs Benedict casserole, sausage balls and fruit. But the hit of the meal was of course, our Mickey Mouse pancakes! Let the meeting begin!

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