Friday, September 12, 2014



We did a mini-unit on owls this week, to accompany our Grandparents' Day craft. First we borrowed a few owl books from the library. These were very cute, and Honey Pot actually learned a lot about owls from them. 

Grandparents' Day Craft

We made owls out of Honey Pot and Little M&M's footprints this year, with the caption, "Guess WHOOO wants to wish you a happy Grandparents Day!" The inspiration came from Pinterest, linking here. We used a water bottle cap to paint the perfectly round eyes. They came out very cute!

Sticker Scene

This activity was for Little M&M. I drew a scene for him to place his owls onto. He had fun with this.

When he was finished he actually counted them up. He didn't use one-to-one correspondence, but he did recite perfectly the numbers one through ten!

Then he added extra stickers to this page I created for him with dot markers. We focused on one-to-one correspondence on this one!

Owl Play-dough Activity

Little M&M cut out a few owls and added eyes.

For extra fine motor practice, he rolled out some branches for the owls to sit upon.

Suddenly very into counting things!

And he obviously needed lots of branches!

Skip Counting

I found these cute labels from this site, and decided to use them to create a skip counting activity for Honey Pot. I drew branches with groups of five leaves, and we worked on counting by 5's. Remember when she learned how to count by 10's with Mega Blocks? Super fun, and she loves anything math-related.

Connect-the-Dot Owl

Honey Pot finished off our mini-unit with a connect-the-dot owl coloring page. The printable for this came from Free Kids Coloring and Crafts, and it was helpful in reviewing the tricky teen numbers again.

At the bottom she drew some of her own dots and connected them too. Fun week!


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