Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities!

To see our Thanksgiving activities from previous years click on the links below, or keep scrolling to see what we did this year:

Thanksgiving 2012
Thanksgiving 2013


We love to raid the holiday section of our local libraries. This year we borrowed these books. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie was a favorite for them. And Clifford too, of course!

Glue and Feather Craft

Little M&M created this awesome turkey with a little bit of glue one morning while big sister was at preschool.

Dot Marker Worksheet

This comes from 3 Dinosaurs. Honey Pot followed the color suggestions, and Little M&M stamped as he pleased.

Patterns and Stampers

We also created patterns with our mini stampers and this template from Gift of Curiosity.

Thanksgiving Worksheets

To avoid the redundancy of turkey crafts, we wound up doing a quite a few worksheets it seems. These come from 3 Dinosaurs.

There was even a simpler one of Little M&M to try!

And one of our favorite printable games, a Roll & Cover!

Then Honey Pot tried a color-by-number.


We made up a batch of our favorite playdoh in brown and orange for the season. First Little M&M played around with it, cutting out pumpkins and making turkeys.

We made feathers of all types of materials!

Then another day, Honey Pot joined us. First we used our laminated playdoh mat from PreKinders.

As well as this plate one that I made.

We made some feather impressions.

And turkeys!

And cut-outs.

This is how Honey Pot decorated her pumpkins. Amazing.

And then, in case you thought Halloween was over...

Thankful Tree

We do a thankful tree every year in some form. This year I bought one from Party City for just about $2.50, and hope to reuse the tree for a few years. It's adorable, and I LOVE what my kids are thankful for this year.

Little M&M: turkeys, [Honey Pot], Dad and Mom, my fire truck, blueberries, milk, TV
Honey Pot: my pony toys, the moon and the stars, eggnog, Grams and Pops, [my cousins], stickers

Happy Thanksgiving!

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