Sunday, May 10, 2015

Aristocats / Kitten Birthday Party!

Honey Pot is 5! Her favorite movie is Aristocats, so she requested an Aristocats birthday party this year! Since the movie takes place in Paris, we kept a French theme throughout. Take a look at our decorations, foods and party activities!


Here is the invitation we sent out to family and friends.


This sign was hanging on the door to greet our guests as they arrived:

Always a sign on the bathroom door, in this case, saying "Litterbox" of course!

Kittens love mice! The characters in Aristocats even have a mouse friend named Roquefort, so here is our tribute to him. I cut these out of black cardstock, and taped them up in the dining room where we had brunch.

Also in that room, a picture with the real Marie, during our trip to Disney World. She was just starstruck in this picture, meeting her favorite character!

Party Craft

We always like to have a craft for our guests to complete as they arrive at the party. This time they could turn themselves into a kitten!

I created these out of headbands, felt and my trusty hot glue gun. A pretty ambitious project for a paper crafter like me, but I think they came out cute!

Beside these, we had a small mirror and some makeup sticks for the kittens to draw on their whiskers. Also, I don't have a picture of the craft table, but on it we had a container of pony beads, shaped pendants and colorful laces to create their own kitty collars. Here is Little M&M, who chose red for everything.

And here is the birthday girl. This photo was taken after the party, and by this time she had taken off her headband ears. But you can see the collar a bit here. Also notice her cute Marie shirt, created by this great Etsy shop! (Please pardon where I erased her name from the bottom of the shirt.)

Brunch In Paris

After the kittens had completed their craft, we led them into the dining room for brunch. Here is the room at large. Aristocats party supplies are impossible to find, so we had to improvise, lol. 

We tried to make the room fancy, while still kid-friendly, by displaying some bright pink flowers on the table.

Kittens love yarn! So also on the table were these cute yarn balls I made by wrapping yarn around styrofoam balls. Super cute, and look, a "hidden Mickey!"

This banner was hanging above the food table. Again, pardon the whiteout!

And also a Bon Appetit sign!

Here is the food table. I had asked my dear French friend for ideas to make this a real authentic French brunch. Here is what we went with...and keep scrolling for food details:

First some delicious cream puffs and chocolate croissants.

 We provided some pre-made ham and cheese crepes...mmm.

Additionally, we had a crepe bar! The whipped nutella mousse was incredible! Here is where I found the recipe. And take a look at all this yumminess:

In case anyone needed ideas, these signs were posted directly above the crepe bar for inspiration.

We also served french toast in maple syrup:

French baguettes with either jam or brie:

For drinks we offered mimosas (both virgin and alcoholic) and milk...

as well as coffee:

Party Game - Obstacle Course

The highlight of the party was the fun we had outside in the backyard. We had been watching the weather since it came into the 10-day forecast, and were so grateful for a beautiful day. In the Aristocats movie, the kittens are kidnapped and need to find their way home to their owner. So we set up an obstacle course for our kittens to travel through as well.

Here it is:

Station 1: roll the ball past the cones using only your nose
Station 2: crawl through the tunnel
Station 3: throw the ball into the bucket
Station 4: walk across the balance beam
Station 5: climb up and slide down the slide
Station 6: jump [your age] times into and out of the hula hoop
Station 7: find your mouse friend in the ball pit

The final station in particular was a huge hit. We had hidden one mouse toy (purchased from the pet store) for each child in a pool full of ball pit balls. Most of the kids hung out in here for a while. Some kids completed the obstacle course a few times!

For party favors we just handed out these "kitty-kat" bars, wrapped in a label I created. I whited-out my daughter's name.

Super fun party!


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