Saturday, October 10, 2015

Apples + Quiet Bins


These are the books we borrowed to read throughout the week. Some nights during "quiet time" the kids opt to read books in addition to or instead of their bin activities. We're glad to add reading time! Their favorites from this group were Apple Trouble and Ten Red Apples, which I remember from our previous apple theme last fall. Super cute!

Quiet Bins

As I mentioned in previous posts, now that the kids are both in school part or full time, we've decided to keep our themes going but in a different, and more subtle way. We introduced quiet bins a few weeks ago and it has become something they really look forward to each night in the half hour before bed. Each child sits with either myself or my husband with one bin, and they switch bins and parents throughout the week.

This week's themed bin contained some apple activities:

- 2 pages of pattern sheets, using acrylic apples from the craft store
- An apple tree game. I filled the tree with lots of acrylic apples. The kids had to roll the die, write that number in the box, then "pick" that many apples off of the tree. 
- Q-tip painting. I admit it was ambitious to include a messy craft in our quiet time bins, but it worked out just fine. We just make sure the kids complete their quiet bins on a table or surface of some kind.
- Tear and glue apple craft. The kids had to tear pieces of solid or patterned red paper, and glue it onto their apple template.

And here was the alternate, non-themed bin for this week:

- Wikki Stix in our binder with templates
- Melissa and Doug reusable sticker pad
- Moon Dough kit
- Geoboard with idea cards

And take a look back at one of our previous apple themes, which contain so many fun crafts and activities!

A is for Apples 2014

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