Friday, March 31, 2017

Creative Table - Week 5


{Squiggle Drawings}

Today's simple drawing activity comes from Fireflies and Mud Pies. I created a sample, and then left this invitation out on the dining room table for when the kids returned home from school:

Both were excited to get started, and made some great squiggles to fill in! Honey Pot was working very diligently to stay in the lines, so hers was taking quite a bit longer. She decided to put it aside and will return to it another time to finish. But by the end of the creative session, here is the awesome work that they had done:


{3D Raindrop Art}

It was a very rainy day here today. (Hooray for spring!) So I pulled this activity together for the kids for when they came home. The 3D raindrop recipe and idea came from this website, and the printable silhouette images that I used came from this one. In our trusty baby food containers (which have been getting a TON of use for crafts) I created various shades of blue, using the website's recipe of 1 part white glue to 1/2 part water. I measured very roughly though, since I was using such tiny amounts! Then I added a pipette to each.

At the suggestion of the website, I taped their papers to our easel at an angle, to allow the drips to fall slowly down, but not all the way. And of course, we covered the image below the umbrella with masking tape. Honey Pot went first, and did a spectacular job!

After waiting patiently, Little M&M took his turn.

Before he was finished, he wanted to do some experimenting with the colors. He mixed some of the blues together to create his own different shades. Since Honey Pot had already taken her turn, I definitely allowed this extra burst of creativity!

He used his new blues to finish his 3D raindrops.

The next day, I peeled up the masking tape, and offered another invitation to complete their projects.

Little M&M spread his glue across the top, and placed the cottonball clouds along there.

And Honey Pot did the same, but also added a few lower clouds to her scene. I love how these came out!


{Emoji-Inspired Playdough Creations}

This next invitation comes directly from The Curious Kindergarten blog. As soon as I saw it on Pinterest, I knew I had to assemble my own version for the kids! I put together a page of emojis to serve as inspiration, using clipart from the Internet. I gathered some of our playdough tools, round cutters and an assortment of small parts that they might need (this included heart gems, googly eyes, assorted dry beans, and small pieces of yarn and beads in three colors.

Most of the initial creations actually resembled emojis!

Here you can see Little M&M working on his own pink emoji, while Honey Pot recreates the heart-eyes emoji:

Aren't they cute?

And I love this clever idea to use the round cutter as the halo!

Eventually the kids began to make their own cute and strange emojis:

Though by this point I wasn't sure if we were still in the category of invented emojis, or if we'd moved onto monsters:

Either way, it was another fun week of invitations at the creative table!

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