Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colors Review

Honey Pot is 2 years and 2 months old
Little M&M is 4 months old

Note: We were a little pressed for time this week, and so I decided to postpone the theme I had in mind. Our local story time group just began themed readings, and this week’s theme was colors. So we made it our theme too! In addition to reading multiple books about colors, these are the activities we did.

Nature Color Hunt

We began with this wonderful scavenger hunt that I discovered from No Time For Flashcards. I created a chart with some colors that I knew she could find in our front yard, and stuck it onto her little clipboard.

Then I sent her out with the chart and a pencil, and she was ready to go!

She identified the first color as “geen” and began a search for it. She chose (with a wee bit of help) the grass. Instead of having her check off the box, I decided last minute to tell her to draw grass in the box beside the green. She seemed to enjoy this method.

Then she took off in search of another color. Unfortunately we don’t have any pretty and colorful flowers in our yard, so our colors were pretty limited. “Pink!” she shouts. Though I doubted it, I asked where she saw pink. Lo and behold, Honey Pot discovered the only pink weed in the yard!

So I told her to draw it at the bottom, and that I’d add it in later. We continued along in our hunt. We found: a gray rock, a blue sky and a yellow leaf.

Then it became time to search for our final color. We hadn’t yet covered brown individually, so I wasn’t sure if she knew this one. But I had faith in her that she could match it to the tree trunks or some dirt. But what does she stumble upon at the exact moment that she is in search of something brown? A DEER!

The timing was impeccable. I asked her what color the deer was, and she said, “It’s brown!” So this hunt was a tremendous success! Here is the final chart, with her pencil drawings.

Spaghetti Sensory Bin

This idea is all over Pinterest. Honey Pot has so been enjoying her sensory bins recently that I just had to give it a try. I boiled 2 pounds of spaghetti noodles in four different pots, and added food coloring to each one. You wouldn’t guess it by looking, but I did red, purple, yellow and blue. I like the way they came out anyway though. First she added some water to moisten them up a bit, as they had to sit awhile to cool.

Then she identified the colors.

And then she dug in!

She enjoyed scooping and sliding her arms into the slippery noodles.

And then she asked to put her feet in it which, as I’ve said before, indicates a super successful sensory experience in my opinion!

Then we had a short lesson on sharing, as Little M&M took his turn in the bin.

He wasn’t really fazed by it.

Then it was Honey Pot’s turn again. She. Had. A. Blast.

We pulled it out again the following afternoon for more fun!

Colors File Folder Game

I had been meaning to put some of these together for Honey Pot for a while. Then I stumbled upon File Folder Fun, a site with so many wonderful (and free!) printables. So I chose the ice cream colors. Yes, ice cream is a symbol of summer, but here’s a fun fact: July is National Ice Cream month! I didn’t bother with the laminating because I wasn’t sure how successful it would be.

I was so pleasantly surprised, when not only did she understand it and participate well, but also, she actually enjoyed it!

She matched the ice cream cones quite well, and took special care to line them up better at the end when she had finished!

It was a great colors review! We have some exciting themes in the works, so be sure to come visit us again soon! We'll be exploring the five senses, and later, pirates!

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