Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter: I

The Letter I
Honey Pot is 2 years and 2 months old

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

We started our letter of the week as we always do – by listening to Scout’s little jingle about the letter I and how it sounds. Throughout the week while standing beside the fridge, I’d often ask her to find the letter I amidst a group of letters. She does extremely well with it this way! But if I show her a letter ‘I’ and ask her to tell me what letter it is, she says ‘T’. So I feel as though she knows the letter, but cannot vocalize it quite yet. It’s all about how you ask it!

My “i” Book

Last week as I was at the library picking up my cloud-themed books, I came across a series of alphabet books. I decided to borrow this one to see how they were. We left it out in the living room and read it a few times throughout the week.

It certainly wasn’t a favorite, but it was nice because it allowed us to hear words beginning with ‘I’ over and over, such as this page:

Placing Stickers

I bought these stickers for Honey Pot during her potty training weekend. It was a huge set of over 1000 of them, so I knew I’d have a lot of extra for tot school stuff. When I saw her layering them on top of one another on her potty train, I decided we’d try some fine motor skills. This printable came from Homeschool Creations, and is meant for those Do-A-Dot markers (which we also love). I shrunk it down a bit in Photoshop Elements so that it’d be better suited for her stickers. We discussed what the pictures were, and the letter I.

Then she started placing them into the circles.

I like to let Honey Pot take each “lesson” where she pleases, to make it more fun than work, so I knew the stickers would stray from the circles. What I didn’t know is that she’d make little eyes on the inchworm!

And here is the final product.

Play Dough Fun

Usually for our letter themes we use our alphabet cookie cutters. But this week I wanted to try something new. I keep seeing play dough mats on Pinterest, and wanted to give one a try. So I printed out this cute one from Homeschool Creations.

Yes, I know they are meant to be laminated…and I had every intention of doing so. But after I had already planned out the week, I decided that I’d like to eventually make my own play dough mats. Not wanting to waste the laminating pockets on a page so temporary, I just let Honey Pot use it as is.

First, I made a new batch of homemade play dough. (So in love with this recipe right now.)


Then we squished some play dough onto the letters.


And I showed her how to roll the play dough into worms, and we placed them over the inchworm.

Here’s the final product! Cannot wait to make up some of my own play dough mats for more fun (and easier laminated clean-up!) in the future!


Ice Painting

I found this idea on Pinterest multiple times, originally from Share and Remember. They use liquid watercolors, and I’ve seen it done with food coloring as well. But I used good ol’ paint! I put a squirt of each color into an ice cube tray and filled each section with water. Then, halfway through freezing them, I stuck in a wooden craft spoon. Meanwhile, on a heavy sheet of paper that ice wouldn’t melt through, I drew a big letter ‘I’. Then I set Honey Pot out on the deck with them. She had a lot of fun “painting” with the ice cubes!

Note Little M&M hung out with me while his sister did some ice painting!

And a last minute wardrobe change...she needed her smock - it was a bit messy!

And of course it was very important to move the ice cubes from one section of the tray to another…over and over again.


As she explored the cold, melting cubes, her hands became covered in paint. So she decided to use her hands too!

Two at once!

Here is the result:

When she had finished her letter I artwork, I grabbed a bin of water and let her swirl the remaining ice cubes in it. She watched the water change color and the ice cubes melt. And she played with this for a good twenty minutes, I’d say!

Then we came inside for a beverage on this hot, hot day. What did we have? Well, ice water, of course! Actually, it was her idea, not mine!

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