Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Theme: Pigs
Age: Honey Pot is 2 years and 2 months old


We pulled out quite a few books from the library for this theme, and read them throughout the week. Here are our favorites from our selection:

If You Give A Pig A Pancake, by Laura Numeroff
Pigsty, by Mark Teague
The Pig In The Pond, by Martin Waddell


Pig In Mud Craft

I happened upon this fun craft from a great site called All Kids Network. I printed the template out onto pink cardstock and supplied Honey Pot with some brown paint, so she could muddy up the pig! I explained to her why pigs love to play in the mud (to keep cool, to keep the bugs away, etc). At first she dragged her sponge across the pig, covering nearly the entire thing. She loved doing this, by the way, and sang a merry little tune about getting the pig muddy.

Then I quickly printed out two more piggies onto regular paper for her to muddy up too. Otherwise the craft would have been too quick! This time I showed her how to dab the sponge onto the pig. Here is the final result:

Pig Lunch

Meet the Dubiens, a site I visited just recently for inspiration during our penguin theme, provided the idea for Honey Pot’s lunch. They do a wonderful series called Fun Food Friday, where they design the most adorable lunches! So we gave the piggy a try.

Honey Pot identified it right away, and really enjoyed the surprise!

Mud Sensory Bin

It had to be done. It really did. We’ve been having a tremendous amount of rain recently. Every time I looked out the window at a particularly muddy spot in our backyard, I just knew Honey Pot would have to get her hands into it. First I asked her if she remembered what pigs like to play in. “Mug!” she shouted. Well, close enough. I provided her with some dry dirt, and let her pour water into it to create the mud herself.

Then, hesitantly, she began to explore it. Note I dressed her in nothing but “waterproof underwear” (Little Swimmer diapers, really) to minimize the mess.

Ew. What is this??

Once she realized the fun factor of mud, she really got into it. “I be like a pig! Get all muggy!” she said. She started scooping, stirring, squishing...

And…well, pouring it onto herself.

And of course, the feet must go in!

It was a huge success, and after a quick cleaning off with the hose, we jumped right into the shower afterward. A great week of piggy, muddy fun!

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