Friday, September 14, 2012

Fish Eyes

Theme: Fish Eyes, by Lois Ehlert
Age: Honey Pot is 2 years and 4 months old

This month’s featured author for the Virtual Book Club is Lois Ehlert. Our little library only had three of her books, but we really enjoyed reading each of them! We ended up choosing Fish Eyes for our theme. Here is what we did:

Fish Silhouettes

The last page of the book shows an assortment of fish silhouettes and very colorful eyes. They reminded me of reinforcements, which I happen to have aplenty! So I printed off a few pages of fish silhouettes from the Internet, in groups of one through five. I asked Honey Pot to count the fish in each group; and as she did so, she could stick reinforcements on as eyes. Although she has been pretty good at reciting numbers up to the thirties and even forties, she does still have difficulty actually counting things. So we worked on pointing to each picture as she says a number.

Spots and Stripes

Throughout the book, the reader is able to count the various types of fish. Each page has an adjective of some kind, such as “green” or “smiley”. I decided to re-familiarize Honey Pot with patterns by having her create her own “spotted” and “striped” fish, as are seen in the book. I printed off two fish templates from the Internet. She used her dot markers to create spotted fish…

(Yes, it seems the pages of our library book are taped together...and in the wrong order!)

And I created stripes with masking tape for her to do the stripes.

They came out pretty good!

Fishy Snack

We have a set of nautical cookie cutters, and I knew I wanted to use them in some way for this theme. After a recent trip to the apple orchards we have a superfluous amount of apples, just sitting in the kitchen waiting for a purpose. So I decided to slice them up and cut out fishies for her snack, as well as the old standby, goldfish crackers. She loved the apples so much; I ended up cutting more for her, which she ate in their entirety! And I got to eat the scraps. Yum!

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  1. Like how you made the stripes on the fish. We also used the book fish eyes.


  2. What terrific activities! I love your fish counting.

    Please think about linking this post to Read.Explore.Learn on my blog.