Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Five Senses - part two

Theme: The Five Senses
Age: Honey Pot is 2 years and 4 months old

This is part two of our exploration of the five senses! In part one we covered sound, sight and touch. Check out all of those fun activities in this post! Did you check it out yet? Okay, good. Now we can move on to smell and taste. Let’s go!

Spice Painting

This idea comes from Learn With Play At Home. I had seen it in numerous places, where the children used glue instead of making paint with water; but we wanted something simple, as we’d be throwing it away afterward anyway. So first I took out a few spices of various scents and colors, and poured a small amount into an ice cube tray.

I added a bit of water to each and mixed them together with paintbrushes. Then Honey Pot got right to work! It is imperative that you smell each one before you paint with it!

As Honey Pot painted, we talked about how we smell with our nose and how smell is one of the five senses. She enjoyed the many different scents and kept lowering her head to take a whiff!

Taste Testing

I provided Honey Pot with four different foods from the four main groups: marshmallows for sweet, unsweetened cocoa powder for bitter, pretzel sticks for salty and lemons for sour.

Then I asked her to taste each one. “Mmm. Eat it?” she’d ask after each one. I asked her to just try each one first, and then she could eat the ones she liked. We discussed the words sweet, bitter, salty and sour as she tried them.

When she had finished tasting each of them, I asked her to help me categorize them by description. “Which one was sour?” She handed over the lemons saying, “This one!” Then so on and so forth.

Then she tried her first lemon water!


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