Monday, January 28, 2013


Theme: Snow/Snowman
Honey Pot is 2 years and 8 months
Little M&M is 10 months


There are so many fun wintry books available, even at our little library. Our very favorite from this week was Hello, Snow! by Hope Vestergaard—great flowing rhymes, and super cute, childlike text. We also really enjoyed Snow by Uri Shulevitz for its beautiful illustrations and simplistic wording—the characters had names such as “boy with dog” and “man with beard.” And an unexpected favorite this week was called Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick. All pictures are actual photographs, and we are shown various woodland creatures as they pluck up the courage to meet this stranger in their territory: a snowman. So, so very cute.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

I had seen a few versions of this craft on Pinterest, but I knew I wanted to do the one with a spray bottle. Honey Pot loves to squirt hers, and hasn’t been able to play much with it since the weather turned cold. Here is what we did:

First Honey Pot and I used markers to decorate a few folded coffee filters. (The markers must be washable!)

Then I placed them in a bucket and let her drench them with her spray bottle. The colors began to bleed through.

I unfolded them and let them dry on a towel. This actually didn’t take as long as I expected – just a couple hours!

And I cut out some snowflake shapes.

We hung these on our back door, and they look just beautiful when the sun shines through. Hard to photograph though!

Chubby Little Snowman Poem

Honey Pot really enjoys songs with finger-plays, so I decided to introduce her to a classic poem that had motions as well. This one is a classic!

A chubby little snowman
Had a carrot nose
Along came a rabbit
And what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny,
Looking for his lunch,
Ate the snowman's carrot nose...
Nibble, nibble, CRUNCH!

She is too young to recite it on her own, but as I recited it she spoke with me and did the motions. She had a lot of fun with this!

Tape Resist Snowflake Finger-painting

Hooray for Little M&M’s very first official craft! I prepared a special homemade paint for him, in the very likely case that he’d want to taste it. The recipe I used came from a blog called Stay At Home Educator. It served its purpose well, but the colors are certainly not as vibrant as Honey Pot’s paints!

To begin, I stuck masking tape on two pieces of paper, one for each of the kids. Then I set each of them up with their respective paints and let them have at it. I supplied a paintbrush for each, but they decided it was meant to be a finger-painting instead. Fine by me!

Here are the final results!

Later I outlined them in black marker to help them stand out, and we put them on display in our dining room. Beautiful!

Snowflake Number Recognition and Counting

I found these adorable printables from Making Learning Fun. I only printed through number six for now. They are meant to be used with a wagon wheel pasta; however, I happen to have a superfluous amount of snowflake confetti that worked perfectly for this. Honey Pot did very well with the counting – she was flawless actually! But we could definitely use the practice in number recognition. Great activity!

Snowman Snack

I found via Pinterest a cute banana snack from a blog called All Free Kids Crafts. I threw mine together in a hurry, so it isn't nearly as cute. But Honey Pot got a kick out of her breakfast, and ate it all up!

Snow Sensory – Ice Cream Shoppe

It’s super cold outside. And honestly, we would spend more time bundling up to go outside than we would actually spend out there. So we brought the snow inside instead! First I let Little M&M explore the texture of snow for his very first time. I sat him in his high chair and scooped some snow up for him to play with. He loved it. And he tasted it of course.

I set Honey Pot up with a whole bin full of snow, some ice cream bowls, an ice cream scoop and some play spoons. First we ordered some ice cream from one another and pretended to eat it.

Then I decided to add some food coloring to some of the snow. Suddenly we had strawberry ice cream and blueberry ice cream and much more! She loved the colors!

Building A Snowman

And finally, Honey Pot built her very first snowman with her Daddy! Love these! 

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