Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Letter K

Theme: The Letter K
Honey Pot is 2 years and 8 months old

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

As usual, we began our theme by listening to Scout’s little ditty about how the letter K sounds. I would have continued with a “Which is K?” game, as I've done with other letters; however, before I could do so, the K had become our first ever LOST TOY!

AlphaBuddy King

This cute craft comes from a site I frequent called DLTK Kids. I printed the template, cut it out and then we got started. First, I let Honey Pot color in the letter and pieces using any medium she wished – dot markers, crayons and markers. She used each of them! I helped a little bit, as the joint effort helps to keep her interested for longer.

Then she glued down the K and all of its pieces!

Ta da! I made dotted letters along the bottom for her to trace the word “KING.” I guided her hand, but I think it is wonderful writing practice for her.

What Begins with K?

During dinner one night this week, Honey Pot’s Daddy quizzed her on the letter K. He gave her multiple choice questions such as this: “Which word begins with K: punch, kick or run?” And: “…dog, bear or koala?” She would answer correctly most of the time! I was thoroughly impressed!

K Lunch

I found this idea at an awesome blog called Meet the Dubiens. Super cute kid food ideas there under the “Fun Food Friday” tab. Check it out! So here is our letter K version:

K is for Kite!

I am so excited about this craft as it involves painting, lacing, letter recognition and counting all in one! First I cut out a kite shape from a piece of chipboard. Then I let Honey Pot choose three or four paint colors for her kite. She chose pink, purple and blue. I asked her to paint the whole thing.

After her nap it had dried completely. I used a hole-punch to poke holes all the way around it, and gave her a long piece of string. In the past I had used a shoelace, which I feel is easier for her little hands to thread, but it wouldn't have been long enough. So I just rolled some tape around the edge of the string. And it worked great!

Next, to enforce the idea that the word KITE begins with K, I wrote down a series of letters on some circle stickers that I happen to have in surplus. Seven of these were K’s.

I asked her if she could find a letter K. She did without any help! The X threw her off once though.

As she pointed to each one, I peeled them up and had her place them onto the kite.

Finally, I asked her to count up all the K’s. Seven. Perfect!

I love how this came out, and we have it hanging up in the kitchen!

Play-Doh Fun

No letter theme would be complete without some cookie cutter + play-doh fun! Honey Pot always loves this activity, and chooses multiple play-doh colors to make the cutouts again and again.

This time, we also made some “K monsters” with googly eyes and chenille stems that are in her play-doh supplies…

And some “K soup” as well! Yum!

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