Sunday, August 11, 2013

Letter N

Honey Pot is 3 years and 3 months old
Little M&M is 16 months old

Letter N Worksheets

We started our theme this week with a few worksheets that focus on fine motor development. The first is a pattern block printable from Confession of a Homeschooler. Honey Pot likes these pattern blocks and chose to do a picture that came with her pattern block set after finishing this one. We also listened to Scout's N song on her Leap Frog Fridge Magnet toy.

Little M&M worked on a magnetic pom pom page from Homeschool Creations. He doesn't place them in the right spots yet, but seems to enjoy picking them up and placing them on the cookie sheet. 

Then Honey Pot had her turn with this activity. First, she placed the pom poms all over the N's! So I raced to the computer to find her a page that was meant for it, lol. She did that one next.

Getting creative with her extra pom poms!

 Here is the N page from Early Learning Activities. First Honey Pot used her pom poms on it.

Then she used her Do-A-Dot markers!

And finally, a tracing page from Twisty Noodle. She is really enjoying these prewriting activities, and I love to watch her do them! First she traced the big N.

Then she saw the dotted line (meant for writing your own N) and said, "I want to do this one." So as you can see, she traced it, lol. Then she traced the little Ns too.

Paper Towel Art

I haven't done this activity since Honey Pot was very little. Triangle theme, perhaps? I just needed something quickly to occupy them, and this fit the bill. First I used washable markers on paper towels to draw multiple N's.

Then I provided each of them with paintbrushes and a bowl of water. They seemed to enjoy this simple activity.

And Honey Pot in particular was very focused on her work. Used to tracing letters now, she used her paintbrush to very carefully go over each N, whereas Little M&M just painted haphazardly.

When it dries, it looks quite nice actually!

N is for Nine Noodle Necklace

We finally dyed some noodles! I had been wanting to do this activity for a while. So for our letter N theme, Honey Pot made a noodle necklace.

She really enjoyed doing this!

And after threading each noodle, she stopped to count them. That's when I decided to take the N a step further, and have her create a nine noodle necklace. She seemed ready to stop at that number anyway.

So hard at work...

She loved wearing her necklace and wore it all over town this week!

Noodle Fine Motor Practice

Next it was Little M&M's turn with the leftover noodles. I used a plastic container from the grocery store. (Yes, I splurged this week and bought those giant muffins.) And I cut a small hole in the center. I didn't even need to demonstrate, Little M&M started dropping the noodles right in there.

He opened it up by himself, and had some sensory fun.

Then returned to work. I tell you, this kept him occupied for quite a while. And he returned to it often throughout the week! Great activity for while I'm busy in the kitchen! I just had to keep an eye on him so he didn't put any in his mouth.

He liked shaking the bin around to make a loud sound!

And when Honey Pot returned from her morning at preschool, she wanted to join in too!

N is for Number Walk

One of our local parks has a half mile loop that we like to walk. As I was planning this week's activities, I remembered that the park had number posts along the trail, from 1-14. So I decided to let Honey Pot search for numbers and do rubbings of them along the way!

Every time she found a number, I'd ask her to identify it. She did really well!

"I see a number!"

It was a lot of fun for both of us, and I am so pleased with how good she is getting at recognizing her numbers!

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