Friday, September 20, 2013

The Color Blue!

This week we officially started Little M&M on tot school! He is a little younger than his sister was, and doesn't seem quite as ready to dive in, so I kept his activities a little simpler. Take a look at Honey Pot's blue unit, from back when she and I were just starting out.

Little M&M is 18 months old

Blue Discovery Basket

We started our unit with a discovery basket. I gathered blue items from around the house, and brought the basket out once in a while for him to explore.

There were all sorts of toys and craft supplies, as well as items from the kitchen, like a cup and a straw.

The pom poms were a hit! He loved them so much I wound up creating another activity with these later in the week.

We talked about how each of these things is blue, and I labeled each as such in conversation with him. "Look at this blue dinosaur!" "Cookie Monster is blue too!"

He loves the poppers!

Painting the Sky

This idea comes from Growing A Jeweled Rose. On a beautiful morning while his big sister was at preschool, we pulled out the hallway mirror and some blue paint. I had read somewhere that paint is easier to wash off of mirrors and windows if you mix in a little bit of dish soap. I have nothing to compare it to, but we did this method and it washed off just fine!

He enjoyed doing this. Definitely different from painting on plain ol' paper!

My favorite...

Walking on the sky!

Balls in a Muffin Pan

I borrowed this idea from my sister! I gathered some ball pit balls, mostly blue, and put them in a muffin pan for him to play with. 

He enjoyed picking them up and dropping them back into the pan! I tried having him identify a blue ball, but he didn't quite seem ready yet. So I just gave him all blue ones next.

Pom Pom Transfering

This is a great activity for fine motor practice. I provided Little M&M with some blue bowls, as well as a couple spoons from his play kitchen. He loved transferring the pom poms from one bowl to the other!

Blue Coloring Page

For a simple time-filler activity this week, I printed out a coloring page from Twisty Noodle for Little M&M and gave him just a blue crayon.

Blue Bath

We concluded his first week with a color tablet in his bath. He loved it!

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