Monday, January 30, 2012

Color: Blue

Theme of the Day: The Color Blue
Age: 20 months

Picture Puzzles
Just as last week, I made two picture puzzles using images that Honey Pot recognizes from two of her books: "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." The idea came from here.

Which is Blue?
This activity was so successful last week, that I had to do it again. I would ask her, "Which is blue?" and she correctly answered every time.

Color Walk
Unlike last week, I didn't prepare this activity in advance. Honey Pot was so excited to point out the blue pictures in the previous activity, that she wanted more. "Another one, another one?" she asked. So we walked around the house and I asked questions like, "Which of these is blue?" and "What on Woody is blue?" Sometimes I even asked, "And which one is red?" as a brief review of last week's color. She earned an absolute 100% on this activity, and I feel so sure she knows her blues!

Pom Pom Excavation
I found this idea here and it looked like so much fun! The rice came from the Dollar Tree, as did the pom poms, which I already had in supply. At first Honey Pot used the measuring cup correctly to scoop out the rice and pom poms, but eventually she just used her hands. The object of the game was to excavate the pom poms, and place all of the blue ones into a separate bowl. After a long while of just playing with it, she eventually helped me sort the pom poms. I am glad to have done this activity on the hardwood floor instead of in her carpeted room -- super easy to sweep up the mess! She had a lot of fun with this, and we'll have to do it again sometime.

Masking Tape Painting
I had first seen this idea here. We had done the snowflake design, and it was a huge success! So I wanted to try something new that would go with our blue theme. I decided to have Honey Pot paint a blue fish in blue water. She didn't paint the whole page this time, but it still came out pretty good!

Blue Bath
To complete our blue theme, we added a blue fizzy tablet to Honey Pot's bath. We just love these!

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