Friday, January 27, 2012


Theme of the Day: Emotions
Age: 20 months

Cartoon Faces
I found these images on the Internet to help teach children about the different basic emotions. I did edit a couple of the mouths in Photoshop Elements to my liking. I used these cartoons to introduce each of the emotions to Honey Pot. After a little while of course, we played with them, and they started having conversations. I used it to my advantage, and had my characters say things like, "I'm feeling sleepy." It was a good start to today's theme.

Real Faces
I thought it would be helpful for Honey Pot to see real children with these emotions, instead of just cartoons. So I found these images from the Internet. I asked her, "Which face is ___" and she answered quite successfully. I don't know why she kept pointing to the angry face and saying "Mommy" though...hmm. LOL.

Velcro-a-Face Game
I enlarged two faces and erased their mouths, then cut out each of the mouths individually. Then I attached Velcro to the backs of each mouth, as well as to the empty faces. I asked Honey Pot, "Can you make this a ___ face?" And she was able to correctly assemble the face half of the time, I'd say. It was a pretty fun game!

Faces in the Mirror Game
Using the pictures from the Internet, we made faces in the mirror! I'd place one on top of the mirror and say, "Make a ___ face!" She had so much fun doing this! It was a little difficult to get a photo of her doing this, because she kept putting her face right up against the mirror! But here are a few I caught:

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