Monday, January 23, 2012

Color: Red

Theme of the Day: The Color Red
Age: 20 months

Pattern Matching
Honey Pot enjoyed playing with this activity, but was unable to use the clothespins correctly. Definitely a skill for an older age group. With much prompting, she was able to match the patterns correctly though.

Picture Puzzles
I chose pictures from two books that she knows really well: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." She enjoyed the pictures, but had some difficulty grasping the concept of putting them together. We'll have to work on this one some more.

Color Walk
I placed pairs of objects around the house, each containing one red object and one object of another color. Then I provided Honey Pot with a dollar store bucket, and told her that we were going to look for things that are red. Each time we came to a pair, I asked her, “Is either of these things red?” She correctly identified the red objects every time except for one, and followed the instructions of putting it in her bucket. Definitely a fun game that shows she knows her color of the day.

Which is Red? Game
This was a huge success! Honey Pot was always able to correctly identify which picture was red. Afterward, she even used the paper strips as toys: driving the cars around and making the shoes walk away. I will definitely do this game again!

Elmo Painting
This was probably Honey Pot's favorite activity of the day. I provided an outline of Elmo’s head, and after asking her to identify what color he is supposed to be, she painted to her heart’s content! Once it had dried, we glued on a few facial features. What a great work of art!


  1. Hi!
    Where did you get the worksheet for Which is Red? Game

    1. Good morning! I made the Which is Red? game in Microsoft Paint. I'm afraid I don't have the file anymore, otherwise I would gladly share it with you. I highly recommend this game though, if you can find a way to recreate it! Thank you for stopping by our blog!